Red's Lighted Glass Christmas Box


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Any of you who have been around for a couple years might remember the cute glass "brick" that Red drilled a hole into and fished Christmas lights into it and wrapped the block in a pretty bow. GREAT gift idea and so pretty. But she said it is really hard to drill that darn hole.

We were at Lowes today and they now sell the glass bricks with a large hole in the side, slightly larger then a quarter and a clear stopper comes with it. You can use it for a piggy bank as the stopped has a bank slit or you can make the lighted gift box, which is what I've done. Took me all of 20 minutes to do and most of that was getting the manufacturer's label off the glass. :doubleup: I used an extra set of LED lights that had pretty sparklie beads and crystals on it.

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I remember red's lighted "Christmas Gift"! I love what you found and what you did with it! I wonder if anyone in Canada carries the glass blocks with the hole already in them! Must have a look see when I'm out and about!


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That is very pretty and sounds so easy even I might be able to make one. Since I am a regular at Lowes these days I will have to look for one of those next time I am there.

Thanks for the idea.


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We don't have a Lowes around us either, but what I don't understand is WHY LOWES would have it. Is it supposed to be "something else?" If you were supposed to do what you did, you would think it would be in a craft shop and not a "home goods/hardware" type store. :huh: :shrug: :scratch:


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I have heard they sell them at Hobby Loby so they might at AC Moore or Michaels.....wonder if Home Deport would have them in their Christmas Department. It was about $6.00 something. I didn't look at the price, just put it in the cart and Leatherneck is great about loosing a receipt once he puts it in his pocket but he remembered the total and based on all I bought it was under $7.00.

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Lovely - and after the holidays - just put a photo on the side and have it backlite. This is what Colleen did and it is lovely - will try and get a photo to post!


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A lot of the craft stores (Micheals comes to mind) carry the ones that are pre-drilled also. They have plastic ones too, but I don't think those would be as pretty as they're just clear.