Refit for Celebrity Millennium



Found this today on another site.

The new menus can be viewed at:
I'm assuming the menus are correct but they are a bit hard to read.

Hello everyone. Just a quick initial report of what we've seen on the Millie post dry dock.

When I checked a web cam at 7:30, Millie was already at Canada Place. Despite our documentation saying not to arrive before 2pm, we were able to get on around 11:30am.

As previously reported the carpets have been upgraded in many areas. Modern patterns and colours. Seemed to be a lot of burgundy/brownish colours. You can also feel the springiness in the new carpet. Some of the carpeting work was a bit of a combo. Eg. The carpets on the steps of stairs were not changed out while the landing areas were. Talking to some of the crew, some of the lounge chairs have been upgraded too.

We're in a outside cabin on deck 3. Linens haven't been changed yet. And as initially reported in the thread, the tv wasn't upgraded to a flat panel since we aren't in a suite.

Some of the exterior public areas are still closed it seems for more refinishing of the deck. Eg. Basketball court level and the deck area behind Fun Factory. The deck area around the pool also seems to have been sanded a bit (??). If the jogging deck was upgraded, it's not really obvious.

Confirming as reported, buffet area has not upgraded to stations. The long line format definitely has a lot of bottlenecks particularly with the staff serving you.

Also confirming as reported, the new menus in the DR and Olympic will be in effect for this cruise.

We were scheduled to depart at 4:30pm but it look like we're going to be delayed to about 5:30-6:00pm.