Refrigerate Butter???



Ode to Butter

Oh, Butter! The cream of a cow,
I dearly need some of you now.

On Ribs and potatoes some may dine,
But for me only butter would be fine.

You make my baked goods so flaky,
My pies and pastries so tasty!

I spread you on a graham cracker,
And you create such a lip smacker.

Some on margarine might instist,
But for you, Oh Butter, shall I persist.

You come unsalted or sweet,
Either one I faithfully eat.

When only a yellow tub am I given,
A pound of your love I am yearnin'.

Nothing else shall I eat with my tea,
Oh, Butter! Where would I be without thee?!

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Amazing what you can find on-line :grin

red stripe

BC oh yes.... that is the only way to eat cereal in the winter months ..

just had egg and chips.. bread and butter.. YES! butter :lol


Did that milk come straight from cow to table-probably had that --My mom never refrigerated butter or oleo(you know what that is). Lived on a farm also we never refrigerated the eggs. Poor paw gets in a panic if they sit out for an hour. At one time did not have electrictiy so only method of cooling was to sit in the spring to keep cool-bad because you had to wait until snakes swam away to get it. Oooh I still get chills abt that. We did buy some block ice and keep a few things in a ice box later now you all have me wondering abt the meat--course I only remember meat on days the butcher came by .


Yeh they think the underside of a hen is cold when she sits on them thar eggs.. :lol

Red...............did you have a chip butty?..mmmm.....chips on buttered bread..........course I haven't had that since I was young (DECADES I'd be a good friend and hang by you)..........and mom used to make fresh cut chips in that deep fat fryer.... don't know what you're missing ..go back and


Oh Lisa.........there is a bakery near here that makes incredible scones that melt in your mouth with a bit of lemon in them...........when Mom's not bringing any here (very far and in between! but don't think of it mom....South Beach.. :lol)...........they are second best to the best. AND you don't even need to add butter....

Jill B

:lol :lol :lol This thread is too funny!

We didn't refrigerate butter when I was a kid.

On the subject of milk; I remember the "Milky" coming every morning with his horse and cart. He would wheel the big steel milk thingy to our front verandah, and ladle 4 pints of fresh, frothy milk into our billy. A bit later on, he got a vehicle.

I also remember having warm fresh milk for breakfast when we visited "aunty" Jean and "uncle" John on their farm. They kept the milk in a jug on the kitchen table, with one of those crocheted covers on top.

That makes me older than dirt! :grin

red stripe

Seamom.. I had a chip butty :lol Sis and I once tried to do this while with her on Holiday.. she gave the both of us a look that would curdle milk :grin

Maw, now I would have been the first one in there after those snakes :))

milk..... yes, even the milk that the milkman delivered every morning had that cream on the top. it was the tall glass bottles, and had a tinfoil top on it.
he would leave it out on the doorstep.

In the winter when the ground was covered with snow and ice was everywhere.. the birds would peck holes in the tops and get a drink :grin .
The cream was so thick on the top.. that you could pour it over berries for dessert.

Another thing.... when I first came to America, I was following a recipe, and it called for "heavy Cream"

now I figured that they meant the same as our clotted cream.. so went looking for it.
I searched and searched .. and found no heavy cream. Finally I asked this lady where I could find it. she opened a fridge door and pulled out this little carton. "here is is" I took it and darn near dropped it.. It felt like milk...she explained that I actually had to whip it to make it stand up :lol


Buuuuuttttterrr!!! What I wouldn't give for one little teeny tiny pat of REAL butter. I'd eat it plain, I swear!! I've been on Weight Watchers for 4 1/2 months and I either get the spray butter (oooh, yum...) or the fat free Promise spread crap that actually spreads more like jello. (Unfortunately, I've had more than my share of that too....and I don't even LIKE jello!!!)

***SIGH*** I've lost 18 pounds and lowered my cholesterol by 40 points so I guess something is working right.

Can I lose those last 8 lbs in the 29 days before I cruise??? Who really knows, but I am going to eat BUTTER with my bread and I don't care if it clogs my arteries and raises my cholesterol. I miss butter. :dizzy

red stripe

Lizz.. I feel your pain.
good for you for losing those cholesterol points :thumb

Seamom and Lisa.... I have a real good recipe for scones.. but Seamom.. if you have one.. I am eager to try it.

scones and jam and cream........ sorry Lizz


ME...MAKE SCONES>..... :lol :lol :lol Believe me, I leave the baking to the expert. I tried to learn from her but she does them from her head...bit of this, bit of zip zip..done to perfection. Why do you think I have found a bakery that is great when Mom hasn't done a delivery in a long while? :grin

You should see my pastry lesson too. I can make pastry look like leather!

Noooooo. I can decorate the cake (and stab croquembouche with creatively) but don't ask me to bake. There's been times I've had to grate the burnt bottoms of cookies to send to school with Jer last minute. :lol


Oh, red.....MEAN! :lol

No, it's OK. I treat myself still every now and then....sometimes I get to eat real pudding instead of the sugar free stuff! HA! No, I'm kidding. I've learned how to make it do-able for me, and it's the only diet (although I don't really like calling it that.....I'm supposed to call it a "lifestyle change") that's ever worked for me....and if I behave myself during the week, I'm allowed to splurge on the weekends. Tomorrow night I'm having pizza and wings at our neighborhood gathering. :) far as scones go, it's been a loooong time since I've had one...!!! I am soooooo looking forward to having afternoon tea on the Sapphire Princess. Will they have scones??


OMG, this thread has grown sooo much since I saw it this morning! You guys are out of control!

My DD has a best friend who is thin as a stick and eats EVERYTHING in the house when she comes over. I was just downstairs visiting them, and they had a pot of butter on the coffee table. I though that was all she was eating! Seems they had just finished the crackers, but I swear, she would have eaten it by the spoon if she could!!!


I have made butter. Seeing how it is made I would not use any left out on the table ofr more than a few hours. When my son was young we would get our milk from a farmer in glass gallon jugs. let the cream rise and make our own butter. And Bseabob, it is way easier to put the cream in a blender and churn away for a few seconds, instant butter!.

J.E. M.

WOW, with all this butter talk I think I can fell my left ventricle slamming shut, pass the Zocor.

red stripe

J.E.M. :grin

Liz.... well they serve something that passes for scones... but if you want a recipe.. I have one and they are easy..
seamom.. then you are handling the dough too much :lol