Regal- Australia, NZ



Just returned from a 12 day cruise on the Regal Princess from Auckland to Sydney and a 6 day land tour in Australia.

It is a wonderful itinerary and the only down parts are the long flights to and from the embarkation and debarkation ports. Every port was interesting, with local markets, museums, botanic gardens, and friendly people. Even though the Regal is an older ship it is clean and kept in excellent shape. Food was average cruise fare and we had a fun table for 10 with some really crazy Australians and Kiwis. Would recommend this cruise to anyone and next season Princess will do this route with a newer ship. ( If I remember correctly the Star Princess).

Now ready to plan the next cruise.
Mike & MaryAnn


Hi Mike & MaryAnn,

We arrived home at 2:00 this morning from the same cruise. It was a fantastic cruise, I did have a small complaint about the bar service, they ran out of certain liquors and were unwilling to bring more unboard. I had a long chat with the Bar Manager Amy about this and she was most impertinent.

Other than that, no real complaints, we enjoyed it very much.

Now, the trip home was another story, our Qantas flight #25 left late, missed the connection in Los Angeles and were re-routed via Chicago to Washington/Reagon and then American shuttled us to Washington/Dulles to the car.

This is a must-redo itinerary.



Mike and MaryAnn,

I will be doing this in reverse in November on the Star. We will be taking a land tour before the cruise. Which land tour did you take?


We took the Princess six night tour from Sydney to Cairns to Uluru (Ayers Rock) to Alice Springs and back to Sydney. They got us off the ship about 7AM to get a charter flight to Cairns for a two night stay at the Cairns Hilton. The next day was a trip to the Great Barrier Reef with a short stop at Fitzroy Island.

From Cairns we flew to Uluru where we stayed at the Sails In the Desert hotel one night, toured Ayers Rock and the Olgas by bus and then went on by bus to Alice Springs. After staying overnight at the Rydges hotel we flew to Sydney where we stayed two nights before flying back home.

If you have any questions about the tour logistics or any specifics about any of the locations visited, let us know and we will try to answer them.