Registering & re_registering

red stripe

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If anyone is having a problem getting on and think they have to re-register..



All you need to do is to send an email to John or to bOB telling them your problem



Do NOT try to re-register. As only one registration per email account is allowed; you will wait in vain for a confirmation.
The software will see that someone is already registered from that address, so will ignore it.

If you have heard from someone with problems, please make sure they get this message.

But please everyone with problems, have patience. While everything will be corrected in time, some things are more important than others. Although registrations are at the top of the list.

Smilies.. and avatars are way down the list.

We need to get everyone back on board first, and the important things up and running .
[FONT=&quot]Also please be aware that some of the moderators are trying to get ready for a cruise through all this. So things may not get answered in two seconds.