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It has been a long road but the dr officially listed Mike as in remission! Now she said all we have to do is keep him there. She is extremely pleased with his status; I don't think she was sure it would happen. She told us that all of her other lymphoma patients are in 1 column & Mike is in a column all of his own. His lymphoma never presented like normal lymphoma, was extremely aggressive, & very advanced with tumors throughout the intestines, the chest, & around the heart when diagnosed. That he has made it to the 2yr mark since his last chemo with no signs of recurrence is fantastic. His labs were perfect & all the scans were 100% clean so that is the end of scans. One more visit in 3 mo & then he goes to 6 mo intervals.

She says the ortho dr still wants to work with us to try to determine the source of Mike's mobility issues & she wants us to give it a try so we go back to the ortho dr the 25th. She says ortho dr is still thinking some kind of muscular disease so we shall see. She says we can finally relax as far as the lymphoma & thinks we should at least give this ortho dr another chance & with such good news from her we couldn't say no.

Thanks for all of your support thru all of our ups & downs the past few yrs.


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That is EXCELLENT news Kathy! Hopefully, Mike will make some progress with the ortho both deserve another major break.


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So happy to read your good news, Kathy! It's been a long hard road for your husband, and sure hope the news with Ortho Dr. is good too...

I will continue prayers for your DH, you and all of your family...


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Oh KathyC - that is wonderful, wonderful news. And just in time for the weekend. May the two of you, and your family and friends, have a lovely and relaxing weekend.


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:clap: :clap: EXCEPTIONAL! :clap: :clap: You absolutely deserve to hear some GOOD NEWS! I agree with Liz, maybe it's time to plan a cruise, even a short get away. You have been talking about it for so long and you both deserve to be PAMPERED for a change! :banana: :banana:


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Kathy - I am so pleased for you and Mike - makes some of what you have been through almost worth it to have this outcome! I hope that the Ortho Dr can do some good as well. Have a wonderful weekend - enjoying your new news.