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Rental Car in Cozumel

Discussion in 'Caribbean Ports' started by LadyLeisure, Mar 24, 2004.

  1. LadyLeisure

    LadyLeisure Guest

    Has anyone ever rented a car and done Cozumel at their own pace.... If so where and how much?.... any info would be appreciated as I am going to be there in April and was thinking this would be an excellent way to spend the day!! A couple of out of the way beaches and Tiki Huts along the way sounds great to me .
  2. Natalia

    Natalia Guest

    Last time we were in Cozumel, we rented a Jeep from "Less Pay"... think that was the name of it. I found their website and many other car rental companies online while doing general searches for Cozumel info. I think we paid around $45 incluing insurance .... been 2 years now, hard to remember exactly. I bought their insurance becuase before leaving home, I called my agent, and he said it might be worth the $10 to pay for theirs and not have to worry about my insurance covering any incidents outside of the country. We had a great day, drove around almost the whole island. I had been to Cozumel before and had done some of the other typical tours, so I was looking for something different. However, if I had to do it again, I would go the opposite way around the island. We headed south and around the bottom, then up the east cost. Problem was, we didnt know how long of a drive it would be so we skipped Chankanaab Park and never got back to it. We should have headed north first, through the center of town, then east out past the San Gervasio ruins in the middle of the island, then south down the east side. At those same websites, you can get printable maps of the island, these are a must if you drive it on your own. Theres also a national park at the southern tip with a lighthouse. We didnt stay there long, again because we just didnt know how long it was going to take us to make the circle. We did stop several times along the coast, went swimming (just at the shore, the surf coming in on the east side is rough), browsed at some shops along the way, etc. We saw several other jeeps along the way doing the same thing. Then on our way across the island back towards town, we stopped and spent some time at the San Gervasio ruins. In total, Im thinking this took us about 6 hours.... we were in port for maybe 8 or 9 hours, so we did have time to stop at the other things we skipped, we just didnt know it at the time. Its a fun day, hope you have a good time.

    Edited to add: make sure you have a full tank of gas (I suppose the rental companies make sure its full before you take it out) because we saw NO gas stations on the other side of the island... none until we got back into San Miguel.

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  3. kujobie

    kujobie Guest

    Very easy to do, I highly recommend renting a car. All of the major agencies are there, hertz, budget, alamo, etc. so it's easy to reserve ahead of time. We walked to our car from the pier. 10 minute walk.
  4. sjrc

    sjrc Guest

    We're renting a car in April. If you want a great map of Cozumel, go to www.cancunmap.com. The woman who created these maps of Mexico and Cozumel did a superb job. There's an individual map for Cozumel. The maps are very detailed, including places to stop around the island. The margaritas are even rated at many restaurants and local stops along the beach. The cost for one map is $7.95, definitely worth it. Good luck! Sandy
  5. LadyLeisure

    LadyLeisure Guest

    Thanks Everyone for all the great information... Sounds like you all really enjoyed your day I'm sure we will also. I got the map Wow what an awesome job they did with it... alot of great info also thanks for the tip!
  6. debp

    debp Guest

    Easy to rent a car, but pay the extra and get the insurance. After reading posts on message boards I begged my husband to get the full insurance while in Mexico. He argued but obliged.

    Sure enough, when we returned the car, they pointed to a small ding on the door and tried to get us to pay for it saying it wasn't there when they rented it to us. (this is what I had read would happen). My husband got out the paper work and pointed out that it wasn't a problem as we had their insurance. The woman looked flustered and took the keys without another comment.

    Otherwise, renting the car was great and allowed for a leisurely day of freedom.
  7. Natalia

    Natalia Guest

    Hmm... interesting... and good to know!
  8. LadyLeisure

    LadyLeisure Guest

    Did you all book in advance or wait til you got to Cozumel to rent the car? Also do you think a quick digital picture of the vehicle will resolve any discrepancy? Just wondering what you all think. Thanks for the info!!!
    This time next week i'll be embarking on the Conquest ready to sail the Carribean in style!!!!
  9. Natalia

    Natalia Guest

    I did some research online, looked at several rental companies... then chose one and booked online via email. They sent me a confirmation, which I printed and took with me. I think taking some pictures of the vehicle before you leave with it is an excellent idea! And take a person from the rental agency out with you while you do so. Then I dont think you could have any problems with its condition upon your return. I dont know that you HAVE to, but I prefer to plan (make reservations) ahead of time.
  10. Ladyliesure it really depends on when you are visiting Cozumel as to whether you need to reserve in advance or not. During our peak times of the year like christmas, nyeve, valentines spring break, etc. it is very wise to book ahead! Other times, less so of course. Right now Chevy POPs are running US$27 daily for cruise passengers + the optional full coverage insurance when booked ahead. A great deal since you'd probably spend that much in just a couple of taxi rides! go to cozumelinsider if you'd like to pre-reserve and I'm happy to assist you! Have fun and enjoy your time in Cozumel!

    FLBRATT Guest

    I just got back today from Cozumel and I rented a jeep from executive for $40.00 plus I took the insurance they offered. I went with them because they were right there when I got off the ship and I haggled the price down (which you can do everywhere in cozumel).
    Good luck and watch out they drive very fast there!!!!
  12. RacerBC

    RacerBC Guest

    Several years back I visited Cozumel and rented from Hertz. Actually I rented something similiar to a jeep.

    Anyway.. a word to the wise.. WATCH YOUR SPEED.. I was pulled over for exceeding the speed limit by 10 MPH and the local police made me pay them $ 200.00 cash on the spot or they threatened to take me to jail. Luckily I had the cash on me and really did not want to think about what would have happened if I did not have the cash.

    If I can remember, I think the jeep was $ 50-65 for the day. OOH another thing. Have fun finding a gas station to fill the tank before you return the vehicle. Hertz was going to charge an outragous amount per gallon to top off the tank. Maybe this is the reason why they hide the gas stations.

    Have fun!
  13. Natalia

    Natalia Guest

    There are 2 gas stations for sure in San Miguel (that I saw personally, there may be more). But I saw NONE on the east side of the island. So make sure you are full before you head over there, and fill up on your way back into town. There are maps available at the Cozumel travel websites, and they show where the gas stations are.

    FLBRATT Guest

    I was just at Cozumel on the 10th and rented a jeep from Executive and it was 49 for the day plus 27 for full insurance.....glad I got it because they drive like nuts but I didnt see any accidents . I got off the ship walked over there and it was just that easy. I did have a reservation from hertz,but they were too far away.Have a great time....we did.
  15. NewCruzer

    NewCruzer Guest

    Those two gas stations in San Miquel are it for the whole island.
  16. tequilamary

    tequilamary Guest

    Hi, I agree with all the above. It is really a fun island to drive on. We rented a chopped off VW afew years back while on a land vacation. There are nice little restauants, tiki hut bars where the only refrig is a cooler with ice, and deserted beaches. We just did the rental when we got there and didn't have a problem, there seemed to be plenty to choose from.


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