Renting an apartment in Paris



I've just put a deposit down on an apartment I found on the internet. We are going in April and will be able to confirm the condition and area of the place when I come back but thought I'd post it for your consideration if you are planning a future stay.

Don't be put off by the price posted as it is a sliding scale that you change where the nightly rental is cheaper the longer you stay. Since we are staying ten nights, the rate is about the price of a two star hotel.

We are of course nervous of putting money up front but we used credit card on Paypal and because we are not using an agency, we are saving quite a bit. This apartment suited us best in appearance and features in the middle of one of the best areas of Paris, Marais. The owner has been thoughtful in every detail, enough to include an umbrella for use while there.

I've received a couple of good references for it and the owner has been great to deal with by email so far. I'll let you know about it on return.