Review of the MS Noordam 2010


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10-DAY MEDITERRANEAN ALLURE 2-12 August 2010 HollandAmerica Line

We experience a consistent quality every day about service, information, food, hygiene, kindness and amazing teamwork between crewmembers.
Embarkation on the MS Noordam was smooth and quick, they provide us with cool drinks and cakes.
The safety drill onboard of the MS Noordam was this time without life jacket and quick finish. From the first alert signal everybody knows where to go, leading by crewmembers fast and orderly to the right direction.

Two things which was disturbing, HAL decide for the first 48 hours onboard not allow self service on the Lido because of earlier outbreak of the Novo virus on 2 of their ships. Although it was a little unpleasant we could understand the reason of this decision but it should be solve on a better way. This time we also discover a lot of maintenance onboard like painting and grinding on decks between cruisers, this is should be don after cruise in a dock and not during a cruise.

The Soda cards have been change, the price is $25 but you get credit for $50 that means you can order 22 cans incl. service charge.

The shows in the theatre has been much improve with a professional sing and dance group with very professional décor, scenery and costumes a must to see.

During the cruise we get a message that the port of Rome (Civitavecchia) has raise it's price with $6,11 per person and will be added to the bill. But on the end of our cruise we get a surprise with $50 discount on our bill, a nice gesture of HAL.

The first day's we get a bit rouge sea because of some thunderstorms far away.

More about this review with pictures and video's can be read on my weblog.
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ALL Holland America ships/itineraries now automatically undergo 48 to 72 hours of "Code Red" at the beginning of a cruise to minimize the possibility of Norovirus. There is no self-service anywhere on the ship, including the Neptune Lounge, during this period of time.


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We went through the 48 hours of no self-service almost without noticing it. The only real difference I noted was that starting on the second morning and I had to actually get my own coffee in the Lido!

Seriously. One of the things I've always liked about HAL is that every passenger in the world isn't able to handle all the food in the buffet.

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Thanks for your report.

Many of the HM and other upper staff are referring to this as Code Orange -- which is not as tough as a real Code Red where even the pools, library, spa, etc. are all closed.


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Although it was a little unpleasant we could understand the reason of this decision but this has only sense so long as nobody leave the ship. As soon as people leave the ship to visit a port, they can bring the virus also onboard again when they return. I see people drink water from fountains in Rome because they belief it's clean, but this water is not clean because it recycling all the time. It's better to give people good information how to avoid such a illness at the moment they book a cruise.


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sweet! We leave tomorrow for our 10 day Mediterranean Cruise! I kinda like not everyone being able to touch all the food! =D Thanks for the review, I am even MORE excited!!!