Rhapsody cabins



Hello all...I have a question about cabin size and placement...We are booked on the Bridge Deck of the Rhapsody, midshiop, Cat C cabin. Even though this is a "suite" cabin, I know they will still be smal....but exactly how small will they be? There will be myself, my hubby, daughter (14) and son (11 1/2). Enough room to store all of our clothes? How about the tub? Can you actually sit in it??? :) (My daughter asked that one) Also, how is the view from the balcony...we are on the port side, I believe. Will we see any land going around the islands? (son asked that question).

Thanks so much!

Jim Munkittrick

View; ever changing! Can't help with what you will see, but it will be ever changing. Nights are beautiful when passing an island, it looks like a string of pearls as do other ships passing in the night.
Groucho Marx once said, "The room was so small, I had to go outside to change my mind." Your cabin wil be a wee bit bigger.
If your cabin has a tub, then you will be able tosi, but it will not be home...but if you wanted to be home, why go on a cruise!
We are taking the same cruise but not until 2003, so we look for your review!

Remember, smile, relax and enjoy!

Bon Voyage!

sally r

We were in a C, #8584, and it was very nice. There was only the two of us and we had lots of room. The tub is smaller than a home sized tub..you can easily sit but if you are over 5' you are not going to be able to recline. I very much enjoyed the tub as opposed to the tiny showers in lesser cabins. There were also lots of closets and drawers. Nice bathrobes, too. You will enjoy the Rhapsody. It is a very comfortable ship.