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Rhapsody/Captain Marvins

Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by sheriew, Jul 31, 2002.

  1. sheriew

    sheriew Guest

    Hi there,

    I booked a 10a-1p excursion with Captain Marvins. The ship arrives at 7am and leaves at 4pm. I've read on these boards that the time on the ship is different from the time on the island. Rhapsody should be on Central Daylight Time. What is Grand Caymen on?

    Will 10am in Grand Caymen be 11am on the ship?

    Very confusing... just don't want to be late.

  2. Sunshine

    Sunshine Guest

    Some ships stay on ship's time and some ship's switch to local time. So that just adds to the confusion.
  3. gambler

    gambler Guest

    Check with Capt. Marvins to be sure, they will tell you
  4. TexasNewbie

    TexasNewbie Guest


    We have also booked the 10am-1pm Stringray City excursion through Captain Marvin's for our cruise starting Sept. 8th. I questioned the time, and the ladies at Captain Marvin's emailed me and told me that they are on EST. From what I was told, the ship will stay on CST, so when we get into Georgetown at 7am (ship time) it will be 8am (Georgetown time). They told me to be at their building by 8:15 CST or 9:15 EST, whichever I had my watch set to. Hope this helps! When are you going?

  5. sheriew

    sheriew Guest


    We're going the week just before you 9/1. Can't wait. This is still confusing - I guess I'll just play it by ear when we're there. I hope we can get off the ship in time to make it.

  6. Okie/Tex

    Okie/Tex Guest

    We were on the Grandeur in January and took Captain Marvin's tour. It was probably the best run tour we have had in our 5 previous cruises. Our group was small (12, I think) and one girl apparantly could not swim. She got on a life vest and really gutted it out. The crew gave her a lot of attention and encouragement. By the time we were through, she was having a blast! We saw other tours that consisted of at least 100 people. Way too many people.

    Once again, I would recommend Captain Marvin's tour over anything else available. Don't worry, they will get you to the dock on time.

  7. LRSkier

    LRSkier Guest

    Regarding the time issue in GC. they are on EST, not daylight which is the same as CDT, very confusing indeed. Our booking with Capt Clinton was for the same time as ship time. have a ball, we did.

  8. sheriew

    sheriew Guest

    So, are you saying 9:15 ship time will be the same as GC time? I'm hopeless when it comes to figuring out time zones. Sorry.

  9. TexasNewbie

    TexasNewbie Guest

    I'm confused now too Sherie! The email I got from Captain Marvin's said to be at their building at 9:15 EST, and I emailed back and asked her to clarify as to whether that was the same as ship time or an hour ahead. She said it was an hour ahead. But reading LRSKier's post, I'm now wondering if they are on the same time! If you get if figured out before you go, please email me...or when you get back. :) I'd love to hear how your experience was, of course I'll be getting on the ship when you get off. :)

  10. moe

    moe Guest

    we did the captain marvel tour.it is outstanding although the snorkeling can be rough depending on the wave conditions,and their was quite a current heading away from the boat.easy to snorkel away from the boat,hard to return they have a line with life raft to grab to make it easier.it got a little choppy and i over exerted myself and drank some sea water and my stomach got somewhat upset.(had to concentrate to keep from up chucking on the choppy boat ride to where the sting rays were.(i enjoyed snorkeling at chankekeeb park in cozumel much better) the main event is wading with the sting rays,that is awesome and we purchased the video of the trip.if they told you to be there at 9:15est that is 8;15ship time and we tendered in that port.however since captain marvins is only a 5 minute walk from the tender(walk left off the tender and about 5 blocks away its on your right) so get the 1st tender . actually you couldprobably catch the bus to the boat up to about 850 ship time and 950 caymen time so you have plenty of leeway time.plus if you wouldnt make it they wouldnt charge you so you cant lose
  11. txncruiser

    txncruiser Guest

    We went in May and as I recall, we used local time except when we were in Key West. This was apparently due to it being the one day that we were over that far to the east.

    Please don't make any assumptions from this. Just my recollection.
  12. sheriew

    sheriew Guest


    I think you're right. My husband says that Eastern Standard Time would be the same as Central Daylight Time... which is the ship's time out of Galveston. If you leave from Florida there will be a time difference during Daylight Savings Time.

  13. CleoPetra

    CleoPetra Guest

    We just returned from Rhapsody's 7/28 sailing and took the Captain Marvin's 9-11 tour. The Rhapsody and Grand Cayman (and Cozumel) are both on the same time so there is no problem. RCI allows those that booked their excursions priority on tendering. They tell you toline up for the tender at 8am but we were there earlier for the 7:30 tender and were allowed to go. This was 5 minutes after they told us it would be a 45 min wait! So just be there at 7:30 and you will be fine. If you get the 8AM tender, you still should have plenty of time to get there - just make a left once you get off the pier and it is a few blocks walk. The trip waswonderful - the snorkeling is great, and the water is warm. The stingrays were the highlight of the cruise for us. Don't forget your underwater camera!

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