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Rhine river cruise - 8/15/2010 - 8/22/2010

Discussion in 'Europe' started by PATJUD, Apr 17, 2010.


    PATJUD Active Member

    My wife and I are booked on a Rhine River Cruise from Amsterdam to Zurich onboard MS AVALON LUMINARY. I would appreciate any information from those that have made a similiar cruise and would surely like to hear from anyone booked on this same cruise.
  2. onespots

    onespots Active Member

    Hello my name is John. My wife and I took a similiar trip on AMA Waterways in 2008. Brand new ship only 4months old. This Avalon boat and the Ama Amandante are very much alike. you will love this trip. We went from Budapest to Amsterdam 16 days in Early October. Weather was beautiful, some fog on the river in the morning and all the vineyards in full bloom with fall colors. It was beyond describtion, however I took over 15t00 pictures on this trip. Cut it down to about 500 after reviewing. Take lots of memory and extra battery.

    Ports of call. This is why you signed up and they are all great and unique. Some very small with 1000 people or less, others huge cities. We did most of the optional tours and felt we got our money's worth. Local guides are good, with excellent English and knowledge. Trust me you will spend little time in your room except to sleep and shower.

    Food the best of any of our trips, including the speciality restaurants on most ocean ships. They try to serve 1 meal local to the country you are travelling in and pair it with a local wine. Food soooo good, it was difficult to eat at the various stops and try the local goodies. (especially luch and dinner ) Be carefull the wine is free flowing at dinner and everyone likes to party.

    It should be nice and warm during your trip. Be sure to pack a light wind breaker for rain and observing from the outside sun deck. Have a very good pair of walking shoes or hiking boots, as you will do a lot of walking on coblestone streets. Hat, sunglasses, sun block, a long sleeve shirt,mosquito replent, and casual dress are a must. Be comfortable, if you don't think you will wear it, don't take it. Even at the Captain's Dinner most people did not dress. I took a sport coat and tie and only wore it once. Because of the long days touring, people are very casual.

    All in all one of our favorite trips and we were meeting people all the time.Great and experienced fellow travellers, whom you get to know because of the small group size. Be in walking shape and let this adventure unfold in front of you, you will love it.

    Best Wishes, John & Shelley
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