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riviera deck

Discussion in 'Princess Cruises' started by el henry, Jan 5, 2006.

  1. el henry

    el henry Guest

    Now that we have booked a cabin on the Riviera deck of the Caribbean Princess, I am getting nervous. It looks to be directly below the pool deck. Will this be noisy? In particular, when out on the balcony, will I hear the movies? This is a special splurge for my parents' 5oth, and we want everything to be perfect, and for them, less noise is perfect. Any advice or reassurance appreciated!

    el henry
  2. jimlinalf

    jimlinalf Guest

    We are also in a Riviera cabin on 10/29 on the Princess. Interested in what people say about this deck. We are toward the rear near the elevators under the buffet area. On our previous cruises, another line, and ship, we were on the deck underneath the lido and never really had a problem with noise.

  3. kcb

    kcb Guest

    Without question, you WANT TO STAY AWAY from this deck.

    We were on this deck in Suite R402 on the 12/24/2005 sailing.

    It was as if there was a herd of elephants above us 24/7. Granted, it was the Christmas sailing with nearly 1000 kids aboard. So, there may have been more traffic than normal at certain hours, but I wouldn't do it again, even if Princess gave me the Suite for free!

    And, the Purser's desk was unwilling to be understanding to our plight.

    ***DON'T DO IT, You've been warned!!!***
  4. gotta cruise

    gotta cruise Guest

    I completely agree!!

    We were on the Oct. 29/05 sailing, R411. The worst cabin location. Constant noise, all day, all night. Inside the cabin or on the balcony. Not one decent nights sleep. Total waste of money. NEVER again.

    Stay away from this deck!!!
  5. Snowblower

    Snowblower Guest

    Absolutely agree with above. Wouldn't go any higher than Aloha Deck. If you don't have motion sickness problems and want to get what are usually the quietest staterooms on-board, book a stateroom on Baja, Caribe or Dolphin decks that is to the rear of the back elevators. We never book a room forward of the forward elevators because you can hear the ocean pounding against the the bow of the ship in rougher seas.
  6. Corky

    Corky Guest

    Just read the above and want to say thanks for the info. I'm glad we didn't book the Riviera Deck for our upcoming Dec. cruise. I will make sure if any upgrades come our way to stay away from this deck.

  7. Cruise cutie

    Cruise cutie Guest

    We always book Riviera......IF it's a Pool deck, or if the configuration is not for this...we then do Midships mini-suites on Aloha, on the "bump out"../ regular balcony ..For Riviera the only way we do it is...it 's the center /aft , and we ALWAYS get the cabin closest to the pool..never had any noise, AND we found out on the 3 sailings we did have, for all our sailings : the Riviera floor....the most aft cabins were for High ladder officers families visiting, and it was suhweet ,quiet..BUT you have to realise, we cruise in February..the most kids ever was 35; on any sailing.....and we NEVER do less that a 10 day sailing, and it's Valentines..99% couples...ALL the factors HAVE to be weighed in with this..if we had not lived it, and KNOW the way it works..we'd probably been shafted too... ..BUT we have it be the best on Riviera ...you just have to know ALL the info..you truly have to know the Princess ship layouts..or grill a hugely informed PRINCESS knowledgable TA....soo Good luck..we =love that Riviera closest to the pools only 40 cabins on the whole floor..:grin.our next sailing in one year is Cabin -Riviera 351, a 15 day sailing, and we got THE cabin we wanted..it took a while BUT .....Whoo HOO...Viva la difference...:grin..Joanne
  8. The Cruiser

    The Cruiser Guest

    I had a cabin on the Riveria Deck on the Sun Princess. No noise. Steps from the Pool and Horizon Court.
  9. Corky

    Corky Guest

    I would take the Riviera on the Sun or the Sea for sure....and hope to one day!! :) But on the bigger Princess ships I have to have lower and mid-ship because the bigger Princess ships have too much motion for me. But that is just me...others, it may not bother them.
  10. jk

    jk Guest

    We had an Aloha on the Sun and loved it! I'd love another Aloha midship. This was our first Princess sailing however so I'd have to have another Aloha balcony on a bigger ship to compare :)
  11. kcb

    kcb Guest

    Re: riviera deck on Caribbean Princess

    All right ladies and gents, the OP had a question about the Riviera deck on the

    ***** CARIBBEAN PRINCESS *****

    ...not the OTHER Princess ships!

    And Joanne, for all your incoherent babbling, you failed to notice that the Riviera deck on the Caribbean Princess has a lot more than 40 cabins on it. Now, if you're talking about another Grand-class ship (with different deck configurations), that might be good to mention in your post!

    Let's try to be helpful, not clueless!
  12. Corky

    Corky Guest

    Actually kcb we 'are' being helpful by writing about other ships. This is good information for any and all posters or lurkers to discuss other ships. Thank you. :)

    And please, do not come on this board and attack us. This will not be tolerated. We are not that type of board here. We are civil to one another. You can of course respectively disagree with someone...but the key word is respect.

    Happy Sailings and Happy Postings to you!!
  13. Cruise cutie

    Cruise cutie Guest

    Ah kcb... :wave Naughty Naughty...
    ..this IS a nice neighbourhood here, and if that's how you want to type ...so be it, HOWEVER.. just so YOU know..I've been on these forums a LONG time, and since YOU are the :newbie here...get OVER it....

    If you don't like how I've answered something fine, you're entitled, BUT as Dear Corky mentioned I was explaining different layouts...and if YOU have info you'd like to share.. let's have you please post it..BUT.. I shall not tolerate your snottiness to me..and the owner of this fine site shall not either....Captain John runs a tight ship/ friendly attitude sand box in this here neighbourhood...
    so =welcome to cruise @ddicts "nice to meet you" ,please post on the community forum as well should you feel inclined..and please share ALL your extreme cruise knowledge with all this fine place.....:grin..

  14. kcb

    kcb Guest

    Corky & Joanne,

    I will not be lectured by either of you. If the owner of the site does not like what I've said, he his welcome to delete my post and/or block me. But it is not the job of either of you.

    HOWEVER, I stand by what I said. The OP asked about the Caribbean Princess, and the other info that is being given DOES NOT help THIS thread. Posters or lurkers alike will not read deep into the thread once they see the OP is asking about the CB. So your posts, while certainly helpful on another thread, do no good here.

    Joanne failed to mention EVEN ONE ship in her post, so her "notes" do no one anygood! Just so YOU know Joanne, I have plenty of extreme cruise knowledge to share, and I do. But I do so in a manner that actually helps.

    I am no "newbie," so if you wish to lecture me about being respectful, maybe you should stop being so condescending!
  15. Cruise cutie

    Cruise cutie Guest

    kcb.............I was referring to you as newbie to this SITE..and NOT being condescending...... and... YOU ARE A NEWBIE..., as noted in your "title" under your name in the left hand corner.."hi I'm new to the sandbox".. Try to lighten up a little Kent..we DO play nice here after all...,so have fun, and as I said "welcome to @ddicts.........................................................................

  16. Lady Jag

    Lady Jag Guest

    Although the OP asked specifically for the Caribbean Princess, listed other info. on other ships IS helpful to a lot of other people that read the boards and don't post. Sometimes a post starts in a particular direction, but other info. is brought up also and it does help.

    kcb - I've been on this site for 6 years now (just 6 months after it was started) and if the OP had a problem with the information some of the people gave, then THAT person should say something, not you. For all you know, the information was helpful. You can't speak for the OP and neither can I. =dunno
  17. kcb

    kcb Guest

    Re: riviera deck on CARIBBEAN Princess

    Okay, so what I was ATTEMPTING to say is this...

    The OP had a question about the Caribbean Princess.

    While THERE IS USEFUL information about OTHER ships in this thread, most posters and lurkers will not drill that deep into a thread to find that info. Once they see it is about the CB, they will continue to the next thread.

    Other notes about other ships, ARE EXTREMELY helpful, but could probably be better served in another thread where the info is more likely to be found.

    In addition, while these comments are helpful, I, personally, would find it even more helpful if I knew precisely what ships were being discussed. The CB has a new deck configuration, and while the Riviera Deck is not preferable on THIS ship (for the aforementioned reasons), it may well be a terrific deck on other ships.

    I merely wanted to point this out, so as not to confuse anyone into thinking that the Riviera Deck on the Caribbean Princess is a choice deck. A similar location (directly below the pool deck) in a Grand Suite aboard the Adventure of the Seas DID NOT produce ANY noise during a recent cruise. This Princess ship was not constructed or insulated properly!

    For knowledge sake, I have 16 cruises worth of valuable experience, on several different lines.
  18. gotta cruise

    gotta cruise Guest

    Re: riviera deck on CARIBBEAN Princess

    Could not have said it better myself!
  19. el henry

    el henry Guest

    Re: riviera deck on CARIBBEAN Princess

    Thanks to all for answering. Due to your strong responses, I have switched and now we are on the Emerald deck. It is on top of the nightclub but I have read in other threads that this is not so bad, and I am actually looking forward to the "no wind, looking backwards" cabin. Happy cruising to all,

    el henry

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