Roll Call Century 10-12-02



I just received my docs, so I am ready to cruise. Anyone else sailing with us? We are a group of 10 people ranging in age from 60's to 20's.
I can hardly wait to see the Century, this is our first Celebrity cruise.
Does anyone have any tips we should remember for this ship?


We will be there too!! It is our 25th wedding anniversary cruise. Really looking forward to it. It is our 2nd cruise. First was on RCCL. My parents are also cruising with us this time. We are staying on Panorama Deck. Going with Peat Taylor Tour in Ocho Rios. Looking at Grand Cayman Tours now. Probably go with Capt. Marvin's Sting Ray tour. In Cozumel we will hit Pancho's Backyard Restaurant, The Great American Pharmacy, and shopping. Key West we are winging it for now at least. May do the Conch Train Tour. How about you? Any special tours planned?