Roll call-Dream 05-01-23



We sat at dinner with two couples that did the airboat tour and they saw all kinds of wildlife. I guess it just depends on the timing. Sorry I missed you calls, we didn't spend much time in our cabin. We ate in the two rooms on the back of the ship most nights. We always had excellent service. I did notice though that when we sat as a group service was a bit slower. We never went to the dining room for lunch and only once for breakfast as we didn't want to waste that much time. The one morning we ate there was the first sea day and we were not in a rush and it took over an hour for the meal. I would agree about the two ports being very poverty stricken. I did know that going in and expected it. We loved Cancun, and hope to return some day with our children for an extended stay. We also enjoyed Cozumel for the day as we really love Mexico, though I would not go there as an extended trip, one day was plenty. We ate at an authentic Mexican rest. with the locals and had a great lunch. Did you get to see the show, of the drunk passenger trying to get back onto Carnival Holiday, it was quite entertaining.
We also had quite the day of travel on Sunday. We were scheduled to fly from NO to Atlanta then Atlanta to Milwaukee. Our flight was the first one of the day that had not been cancelled, so we had confirmed seats. It ended up leaving 3 hours late. By the time we got to Atlanta we had missed our connection and were put on a standby list for the next few flights, we were number 23 on that list. The flight like every other flight was delayed. I have to also mention that we will never ever ever fly on Delta again. Their customer service is outrageously nonexistent. We could not get anyone to give us any assistance and could not even get anything but a busy signal from thei 800 number. We finally found on our own a flight to Wisconsin, though not Milwaukee that was our only hope to get home Sunday night. We managed to get someone to rebook us and ended up renting a car and making the extra drive home, then having to drive all the way to Milwaukee the next day to return our rental car and pick up our bags that went to MKE instead of Appleton with us. It all seemed to work out, and it was such a nice break from the winter.


That sounds as horrible as our day. I was so happy to get home!!! My house was still standing as I had left my soon to be 16 year old at home.He was on his own for the last 5 days and did terrific.I knew he would but you still worry. I absolutely loved New Orleans and can't wait to go back. I would recommend anyone that has the extra time to spend 4 or 5 days there prior to leaving on the cruise as there is so much to see and do. The hotels are so expensive you almost have to sell your first born to be able to afford it.The room rack rate on the back of our door read 500 us /night. I can't believe anyone would pay that for that hotel EVER!!!! We put it on airmiles 1100 per night.The hotel was the Best Western in the French Quarter.It was kind of a dump.