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Roll Call Elation 1.9.05

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by jomarkpro, Sep 27, 2004.

  1. jomarkpro

    jomarkpro Guest

    We did find a place to stay in Gallveston. It is a brand new hotel opened last summer called the best Value Inn and Suites. We got a suite (probably means microwave and fridge) and free parking one block from the beach for 59.00. I figure even with a cab fare that is a good deal. Tell your husband I know all about back problems I just went to a new Chiropractor for the first time today. Well take care. Make sure you pick all the right clothes :) I'll probably just throw stuff together! Well talk later. 8 more days.................................
  2. crusingmama

    crusingmama Guest

    This is great....only 4 more days till we set sail. Now we just have to get there. How is the weather up your way,,,I understand it is to get pretty cold and icy. You'll be very careful coming on down. We should have rain the whole way down. I hate that too. But just remember the BEST is yet to come,,,,Be careful
  3. jomarkpro

    jomarkpro Guest

    It is very icy and snowy here but only about 50 miles south it clears up! Plus the weather is supposed to clear up on Friday so I am at present not to worried. THough right now we have 1/2 in of ice and are supposed to get about 12 in today of snow. It's really coming down right now. Soon though I will be wearing shorts and a tee-shirt. You take care driving too and will see you down there. I also e-mailed 27piesces today about posibly helping her replace her puzzles from Cozemel.


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