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Discussion in 'Celebrity Cruises' started by Craig & Leisa, Sep 24, 2002.

  1. We will be there, and so looking forward to it.
    Anyone else ????
  2. Yes! We will be there also. We are also looking foward to it very much! we are also hoping that the weather will clear up and no new storms will be forming before then :) We were on a cruise in November 99 (honeymoon) during a hurricane, it wasn't bad for us, but a lot of people got ill and we missed a couple ports (a disappointment, but still a wonderful cruise.

    Have you ever cruised with Celebrity before? This is our first with Celebrity. We were die hard RCCL fans until last year when we took a Princess and loved it, so we thought we would be adventurous and try Celebrity. From all of the reviews, I think we have made a good choice.
  3. We too are hoping the weather cooperates for all that will be cruising that week.
    We have been on Celebrity one other time. It was on the Century and was a very nice ship, staff and crew all very nice. We have also sailed on Princess and Holland America, and RCCL. Holland America get's my vote for "The Best" then it is a toss up between Princess, RCCL, and Celebrity. However, from all we have read on the bulletin boards, we will not be disappointed wiht the MILLENNIUM.
  4. We will looking forward to sailing on the Millennium on October 14! Watching the weather closely and hoping that all the storms in the Caribbean will be over when we sail! This is only our second cruise. Our first was on the Galaxy last year to the Southern Caribbean and we fell in love with cruising and with Celebrity! I am afraid to try any other cruise line after being spoiled by Celebrity.

    We have some water excursions booked and the two ocean railroad in Panama. At a loss for what to do in Costa Rica...had the aerial tram tour booked and cancelled it after reading many negative comments about it. So, we are looking for something to do in Puerto Limon....anybody have any suggestions for this port?
  5. Hello!
    David and David - New faces!

    I just wanted to let you know that there is a nice thread on this cruise on the Cruise Critic boards for Celebrity (cruisecritic.com) if you haven't already been there.

    We have also booked several water excursions. We love to snorkel, but we live in Indiana, so we tend to overdue it when we get the chance! We are also at a loss for Costa Rica. I haven't read anything great about this port. We may just stay on the boat. It happened last year in Venezuela. The excursions were all very long and quite expensive and the port town itself was nothing. We got off of the boat (just to say we had been there) and then got back on! We were disappointed about this, but we got over it at the next port (Dominica).

    We also haven't booked anything for Panama. We would love to see the locks, but neither of us like the idea of being on a bus for any extended amount of time.

    Craig and Leisa, where are you from?
    David and David, where are you from?

    to David X2, We used to feel the way you feel about celebrity with Royal Caribbean. We were die hards for that line until last year when we booked a Princess and loved it! That brought us out of our shells enough to try Celebrity this year. But, the old saying "if it ain't broke don't fix it" always works for me!

  6. Hi Dawn and Chad,

    I have also been to the cruise critic message board and have see the 10/14 Millennium thread there too. I love planning and anticipating our vacations and the message boards have been a lot of fun and informative too.

    I appreciate your comment about Princess Cruises. I know we will try another line someday and Princess and HAL are the two other lines I think we'd enjoy.

    We live in Dallas. Moved here in 1984 and consider it home now. We both grew up in Cincinnati...not far from Indiana so we are partial to and like the Mid-west. Dallas is a pretty nice place to live and we really enjoy being out of the Mid-west winters. We relocated here from Minneapolis and I really enjoy NOT having to shovel the driveway everyday before I go to work!

    It seems you have been on a lot of cruises for only being on your honeymoon 3 years ago. We are celebrating our 25th anniversary on this cruise and it's only our second cruise! We have always enjoyed vacations but were always a little shy about cruising. After a great first cruise experience on the Galaxy last year I wish I hadn't waited so long to try it!

    So the weather reports look pretty good right now...that is great. I was not looking forward to the possiblity of rough seas and my first experience with seasickness!

    Only 10 more days till we sail...and only one more week of work! Can't wait!
  7. Hello David and David!

    It is nice to hear back from you! 25 years! wow, that is wonderful! I don't blame you for fleeing the winters here. We are in Lafayette (2 hrs from Chicago, 1 hr from Indy) and we see some nasty winters, but not nearly as bad a MN.

    I have been on 5 cruises before I met my husband, then I turned him on to cruising on our honeymoon. We take one every year for our anniversary. This year we are traveling a bit early (we usually go the first week of November), but we couldn't pass up the prices on this 11 night cruise.

    Usually we leave Indiana for our cruise when the weather is nice, and return just as it is getting colder.

    We are both very excited to see what Celebrity has to offer. I took a Carnival cruise once for a batchelorette party and HATED it. We really do love the older, smaller ships that RCCL has to offer, but were quite happy with Princess (their food was better than RCCL)

    We are in room 8181 (an outside aft family room). I can't stop reading the posts and reviews. We are so ready for this vacation.

    Where did your last cruise take you?
    And have you signed up for the cruise critic party (on the Celebrity web site)?

    One more week of work is right! I'm already worthless!

    (I keep checking Weather.com and the seas look pretty calm right now, hopefully it stays that way!)
  8. Rolando

    Rolando Guest

    Hello All

    Me and my partner will be on this sailing as well. ONE WEEK LEFT OF WORK is right!!! I'll drink to that.........

    We've taken numerous cruises, but only one other on Celebrity (Galaxy to Alaska). We can't wait to check out the Millenium.

    David/David, we are also in a quandary as to what to do in Costa Rica. I have some co-workers with family there and they said there's nothing to do/see in Puerto Limon; however, they highly recommend hiring a car and going to San Jose. They claim the drive is awe inspiring, going through the rain forest etc. They also said there are two volcanoes very close to San Jose which are definitely worth a look-see (I have the names in my office and will be more than glad to provide if you're interested). We were also considering the aerial tram tour, but after reading this thread....we're not so sure. Is it a total loser? Any more details?
  9. Stephen H

    Stephen H Guest

    I too will be on Millie October 14th. This will be my 8th cruise with Celebrity and 3rd time on Mille having done Europe on her summer 2001 and the same 11 night as we will be doing in July 2002. 1 week to go and I can't wait!

  10. Stephen H

    Stephen H Guest

    Costa Rica is really the "dud" port on this route. Unless you book a tour (most of which are 6-8 hours) there is not much to do in the actual town. I hear the tours are great, but I can't stand spending THAT much time away from dear ol Millie! I spent 1 hour looking around the town and headed back to the ship. That was the only day when it rained all day hard....Think rain forest and I guess it makes sense. Just think....this time next week!!!!!
  11. Dawn and Chad,
    Our last (and only other cruise) was on the Galaxy out of San Juan to the Southern Caribbean. Ports included St. Croix, St. Lucia, Antigua, Barbados and St. Thomas. It was our first cruise and our first visit to the Caribbean so we really enjoyed it all! Glad to be sailing the western caribbean this time for the new (to us) ports.

    Vacationing on your anniversary is a great tradition...congratulations for starting that tradition early! We do too, and I love it. And I agree with you about the great prices on this cruise. Celebrity seems to have had trouble selling all of the Millennium cruises this fall as I have watched prices drop on all of the sail dates. We had originally booked the 10/9 Infinity in Hawaii, but when I saw these western Caribbean cruise prices dropping we switched. And besides, we have vacationed in Hawaii before and have been to all of the Islands...Kauai is our absolute favorite. We booked early and got two downward price adjustments and a Captains Club coupon credit...so I am pretty happy!.

    Yes, we signed up for the cruise critic party on the Celebrity website. I have not received an e-mail confirmation yet so...I hope I didn't do something wrong! Do you know when the CC party is scheduled?

    I hear the same thing about Costa Rica...it appears the western coast is the place to be...oh well, another time. I have also heard that the drive to San Jose is beautiful and that is probably what we will do/

    Just a partial week at work left and we're off! Can hardly wait. My countdown clock was at over 200 days when we booked! Looking forward to seeing everyone!

    David and David
  12. David and David,

    We just received our confirmation of the CC party yesterday (10/7). Hopefully you have received yours also? If not, they are supposed to leave an invitation in your room for you to receive the first day of the cruise.

    I think you are going to love the Western itenerary. We love the Eastern ports just as much as the western. We loved the shopping in St. Thomas. When we were in St. Lucia, it wasn't "tourist friendly" yet, so we didn't get the full picture. If you like to shop (and buy jewelry, etc.) then Cozumel is the "St. Thomas" of this cruise. There is some wonderful shopping to be had in Cozumel. We are in a very moderate income bracket, but we still manage to buy ourselves something sparkly from either Cozumel or St Thomas, it is just to hard to resist some of those prices!

    If you like to snorkel, then Grand Cayman is your island. Aruba has some nice snorkeling too. They really push the Sunken Ship Snorkel site (Atlantis???) I didn't care for that much (the weather wasn't that great when we were there last time and the waves kept pushing me into the part of the ship that was sticking out of the water!) Key West is just a beautiful place. We never do excursions on Key West, just walk around and then visit Hemmingways kitties! (We are animal freaks, I am a Manager/Senior tech of a Veterinary Hospital and I own a Pet sitting business so we miss having animals all around us!)

    We have never been to Costa Rica or Panama. I think we have decided to do a little foot travel around the piers then go back to the ship, nothing really caught my eye. It is always nice to do things on the ship when it is in port, as the ship is almost empty. In the beginning (of my cruising) I would never miss a port or excursion, but in time we have learned that sometimes it just isn't worth it. (We are also HUGE fans of sleeping in)

    Of all of our travels, we have never been to Hawaii! We are planning a trip to Maui in June with two of our closest friends who will be renewing their commitment (together 30 years!) over there. They travel there yearly (I watch their pets when they are gone and they watch our hoard of cats when we travel) The hardest part of that trip will be finding a third party to watch all of our pets whom we trust! They have our whole vacation planned out for us! We are very excited about that trip also, so you will have to give us some pointers on the "Hawaii experience"

    We are looking foward to meeting you at the Cruise Critic party! It seems like there will be a lot of people there so here is a little physical of how you can find us! Me - about 5'9" Med build, shoulder length brown hair and chubby cheeks :) my husband - about 5'7" Med build, long blonde hair (yes he gets called ma'am a lot!) and chubby cheeks :)

    Happy packing to all!

    See you in a few days!
    Dawn and Chad
  13. Just checking the message boards one last time before we head to Fort Lauderdale!

    Dawn and Chad thanks for all of the port tips! We will have to make time for a little shopping in Cozumel now!

    I do understand your desire to skip a port and stay on the ship. On our very first cruise last year and our very first port we skipped it and stayed on the ship and it was great! The port was St. Croix and nothing really sounded good to us there. On the other hand, being on a ship was a new experience and we enjoyed exploring and relaxing at the nearly empty pool! On the first sea day we were shocked by all the people on board!

    I am sure you will love Hawaii. And how nice to travel with good friends who have already been there! Most people I know like Maui the best of all the Islands. Our favorite just happens to be Kauai, but all the Islands are beautiful in their own way. I have only been to Maui once and it was just for a few days. The road to Hanna is a beautiful way to spend a day. I know you will have a fabulous time. The islands even smell good...I don't know what it is, perhaps all the flowers or maybe the salty air, but I enjoy it as soon as we get off the plane!

    I have not received an e-mail confirmation to the Cruise Critic party yet. I may go to the Celebrity website tonight and register again, just in case I did something wrong the first time. I will keep an eye out for you and Chad. Dave and I are about 50...me a little over and he a little under. But at 50, what difference does a couple of years make! My hair is salt and pepper (well Dave says it's gray) and he has dark hair. We are both a little heavier than the doctor likes but, hey we enjoy life!

    Look forward to seeing you on the Millennium!

    David and David

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