Roll Call Time....Who are You and Where are You


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:spyglass:Nieciez Denise and hubby Leatherneck Bill from Locust Grove VA....75 miles SW of Washington DC (20 miles west of 1-95 and Fredericksburg).

And Lurkers....Please Post too
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Krazy Kruizers

Yonnie & Joe -- he doesn't belong to any sites -- doesn't like computers.

White Oak is 18 miles southeast of Pittsburgh, PA.


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Cuervo Rick and Jeanie currently residing in Hampton County SC, relocating to Augusta, GA as soon as our house sells. Our home town is wonderful South Jersey


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Lisa63, Neil, and 16-year-old PizzaBoy (named for devouring his favorite food at a C@ meeting) from the Boston, Massachusetts area.


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Ellen from Decatur, Ga (20 miles NE of Atlanta)
Korina, wish I could come up there for a white Christmas, I have never seen snow on Christmas :( as I am a native Atlantan!


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Beryl from the southeast corner of Beautiful British Columbia.....miles and miles from Tango55(Terry) and Popcorn (Liz) and another @ who has yet to check in :D !


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Hi. Michael here in Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada. And my darlin' Susan (the notorious lurker) CarolinaBlonde in Greensboro North Carolina.