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My Board name is Krazy Kruizers.

Joe and I (Yonnie) are just Krazy about cruising altough health issues are slowing us down.

We are retired from White Oak, PA.


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Corky and Denny from beautiful Kentucky!! We of course are @ddicted to cruising and can't wait for our upcoming B2B, which is a first for us. Woo-hoo!! :spyglass:


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Hola from NC and like maw also looking froward to Alaska in 120 days. :boogie: Good to see U around again FastEddie and welcome back to NC. :doubleup:


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Denise and Bill aka nieciez and Leatherneck from beautiful Lake of the Woods in Locust Grove VA. We look forward to being back at sea in just 3 weeks!


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Erik from overseas here. Living about 2 hours drive from Stockholm (closest cruise port) in the southeast part of Sweden.
I like to cruise (of course) and have been eating one or another moose in my days... :biggrin:



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Glorya here, from the San Francisco Bay Area. We've cruised under the Golden Gate Bridge 3 or 4 times and never get tired of that thrill.

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Joanne-Cruise cutie and Mark-Cruise Hubby from Central Vermont...and we adore cruising..and all that it entails...we have 3 in the next year..and it's never enough....Power Ball anyone..?????????...:hot:....


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Jan from the Twin Cities of MN. No cruise til the Big Easy in March of 2013 with a great bunch of Cruise-@ddicts.


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Randy here, an island boy now living in the middle of Virginia. Cruising is the perfect family vacation--and a great time for my sweetie Beth and me to escape! One down and two more to go this year!


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Hello from Boston , Go Patriots !!! .
DH and I have four kids ( 2 dogs , 1 cat , 1 horse :biggrin:)
Wishing we were sailing to Alaska with the rest of the DUCKS.


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Hooked or Mike from warm and sunny Sarasota Florida in the winter and Western NY/Central Ohio (Rochester) area in the summer.


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Terry (Tango55) and hubby Ritchie, from Qualicum Beach, BC on Vancouver Island. Hooked on cruising! Love this place - Thanks!



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Mgram.......Pat........still here occasionally. I hang out mostly on FB! JOIN us.....a bunch of us are there!

I live in FL.......have NOTHING booked on Mother Ocean, but have a land trip to Italy.......the MOTHER LAND in April. Probably won't be cruising for quite a while because of the economy and ITALY! ;)


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Lisa63 and family, from the Greater Boston area. Our 18-year-old son has been nicknamed PizzaBoy (PB) by members of this board. We don't get to cruise as often as we'd like due to limited vacation time, yet living in a seasonal port city gives me the opportunity to at least see cruise ships. I am also a great fan of ocean liners and early cruise ships.