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Evie (gram) and Joe from Springdale Pennsylvania (suburb of Pittsburgh). There isn't anything better than cruising with some cruise addicts!!


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Linda from western Maine. Just love cruising and enjoying my short countdown of 12 days!!! Can't wait. This may be the last one in a while so really going to enjoy my time at sea!!!


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Geekette real name Pat
from the Gulf coast of Florida (originally from south Jersey)
DH & I enjoy cruising
We are staff to a very demanding and old kitty (17)
both still working and looking forward to retiring so we can take advantage of last minute cruise sales


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Ellen and my fur baby Little One here from Decatur, Ga. Next cruise is the C@ cruise in March 2013. Have beach trip with dd, sil, Lillian and Joshua end of June of this year!


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AKA Amber & Darin busy building Quik Trip stores so I dont get to get on here much. From Catoosa,Oklahoma. Hoping to book an Exotic Western Caribbean on the New Carnival Magic in May or July of 2012 whichever timeline Quik Trip lets me free!!!

H2O babe

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Kay (H2Obabe) checking in from central MN - about 3 hours north of the Twin Cities. Hubby Todd and I were married in Juneau Alaska on Mendenhall Glacier while on a cruise.


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Bibb (real name) and Karen checking in from Kittery, Maine's southernmost town. Will make it to the southern hemisphere for the first time in March on a cruise to Brazil, Argentina and Uruquay.