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Discussion in 'Know Before You Go' started by Sgrane, Aug 25, 2002.

  1. charlie

    charlie Guest

    Charlie from New York's Hudson Valley. We have been on 12 cruises, Carnival, Celebrity, R.C. and the short-lived American Family Adventure. We are in the process of planning the next one. It is long overdue. I've been lurking for a long long time but only post if I have something to say.
  2. Cricket

    Cricket Guest

    Kathy, Rich and daughter Danielle from the home of the Ravens, Maryland

    No cruise in site

    18 cruises to date

    Have been a Cruise Addict member here almost as long as it has been a site
  3. tomc

    tomc Guest

    Tom Carten, Wilkes-Barre PA (formerly Lordship CT; family home St-Jean Chrysostome, near Quebec City).

    Next cruise: Sept 12 (10-day New England /Canada)
    Following cruise: May 23 2003, (12-day NE/C)
    Possible cruise after that: Sept 17 2003 (10-day NE/C)

    Total cruises: Did eleven, within days of starting #12. All HAL.

    How long on C@? Not sure. Not only am I not sure, but I haven't the faintest idea.
  4. CruiseDiva

    CruiseDiva Guest

    Name: Linda Coffman
    Where are you from: Augusta, Georgia
    Next cruise: Enchantment of the Seas in October, then the Norwegian Dawn
    Total Cruises to date: 30-something (not sure)
    How long have you been an @ddict: Since 1986, but booked our first cruise in 1989. Began posting here on and off shortly after John set up the boards.
  5. Tra4

    Tra4 Guest

    Thought I had added mine but I guess not

    Rock Island, IL

    how long--since planning our 5/2000 cruise so 6/1999!!!!

    We're now planning our 6th between 1989-2003.

    Premier Oceanic - 1989
    Rhapsody - RCCL 1997
    Grand Princess - 2000
    Radiance -RCCL -2001
    Adventure -RCCL-2002
    Brilliance -RCCL-2003 (not til Dec. though:(!!
  6. Elise

    Elise Guest

    Name - Barbara
    From - Tucson, AZ(retired from Chicago)
    Total Cruises - 40 to date
    Next Cruises - #41 - Royal Princess Oct 17 Montreal to Ft. Lauderdale
    #42 - Regal Princess March 09, 2003 Auckland to Sydney
    #43 - Regal Princess March 21, 2003 Sydney to Bangkok

    I cruised all the major cruise lines and some that are no longer around and finally
    settled on Princess(15 to date)

    Time here - an @ddict since July, 2002
  7. gambler

    gambler Guest

    Name? Helen
    Where are you from? Houston ,Texas
    Next cruise? booked on the Grandeur but changing it to the Navigator of the Seas
    Total Cruises to date? 8
    How long have you been an @ddict? almost 1 year
  8. JeffStern

    JeffStern Guest

    Hi, fellow @ddicts!
    We're Jeff & Jacki Stern, from Miami, Florida, the "Magic City."
    We just returned fromthe Majesty of the Seas, or 51st cruise, this morning, so our next cruise is "up-in-the-air."
    Been an @ddict, myslef, since February, 1991. Jacki "lurked" for a while, but has been posting, occasionally, for the past fwe month, as "DiamondJacki."

    CFXTBB Guest

    Jenny & Jason
    next cruise ???
    3 cruises total
    Lurking (and occasionally posting) since early 2000.
  10. JohnG

    JohnG Guest

    Sorry was off on a cruise and missed the original roll call request.

    JohnG John and Karen
    Virginia Beach VA
    Carnival Legend 12/12/02 8 days
    About 1 year now
  11. pjkds

    pjkds Guest

    pjkds (Peggy)

    Kalamazoo, MI


    8 cruises so far (Princess, QE2, Am Hawaii, Royal Caribbean, HAL). Addicted 1979.

    Lurking here a couple years now.
  12. Beth & John

    Beth & John Guest

    Name? Beth & John
    Where are you from? East Coastal Florida
    Next cruise? Dec. 13, 2003 / Carnival's Glory......but still hoping for 1-2 cruises before then!
    Total Cruises to date? 14
    How long have you been an @ddict? From the beginning.....
  13. Flyingfish

    Flyingfish Guest

    Hi all,

    Name: Barb & Frank
    Location: Hudson Valley, (one hour out of Manhattan)
    Next Cruise: HAL, Rotterdam, NY to Panama Canal

    Been lurking around the board for quite awhile, posting (I'm not sure, over a year?)

    Have taken 13 cruises, upcoming is our 14th and going strong...
  14. debrajean

    debrajean Guest

    Hi all~!

    Deb and Garry from Minnesota
    We have been on 18 cruises... NCL (which is our favorite), Princess, Carnival and Celebrity!
    Next cruise is December on NCL SUN and In April of 2003 with Family and friends. We still haven't decided which cruise line..
    Been an @addict for just about a year!
  15. Helen

    Helen Guest

    Name: Helen

    Dallas, Tx.

    18 cruises

    Mexican Riveria on Star Princess, Sept. 21,2002. Almost here! Yeah!!

    Panama Canal on Splendour of the Sea, Dec. 23, 2002

    Been posting for about 2 yrs.
  16. sailingrose

    sailingrose Guest

    Sailingrose Rose
    Navigator of the Seas Christmas
    19 cruises so far
    I was born a cruise addict!!! LOL
  17. Charlene J

    Charlene J Guest

    Name: Jim & Charlene
    Live: Denver Colo
    Next Cruise: Dawn Princess Feb 18th 2003
    Total Cruises: 9 cruises
    How Long a member of Cruise @ddicts: 2-3 years
  18. beachmom5

    beachmom5 Guest

    Name: Connie

    Live: Hutchinson Island, Florida

    Next Cruise: Royal Olympic Explorer 16 day Amazon River December 27, 2002

    Total cruises: 16

    Posting on this board: About 2 years
  19. boilermom

    boilermom Guest

    NE Central PA
    Hoping for Voyager next year
    3 prev cruises
    @ddict since my 1st cruise 4 years ago
  20. Phyllis

    Phyllis Guest

    Name: Phyllis
    Location: Norway, Maine
    Cruise: This will be my first cruise 11/24/02 on the Voyager. Joining daughter's family and taking a 13 year-old granddaughter. Celebrating a college graduation, a birthday (mine) and a Happy Thanksgiving together.
    @ddict: for only a few weeks but have been in the background for quite awhile acquiring lots of good information to help me on my first cruise.

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