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Rome - Dock to Airport

Discussion in 'Europe' started by ShelbyAD, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. ShelbyAD

    ShelbyAD Guest

    Hello -- My husband & I are taking the Nov 2009 12 day Agegean cruise round trip from Rome. Was wondering how far is the airport to the dock where the ship leaves? We will be on the Grand Princess. The only flights I can find going back to USA after the cruise - leaves at 11:20am. Is it possible to make that flight?
  2. Ted_D

    Ted_D Guest

    It is about an hour to drive from the docks to the Rome airport. And, traffic there is notoriously bad, so it
    could easily take longer.

    Is it possible to make the flight? Yes. However, it will only take one knucklehead failing to settle their account,
    or one bag identified by the dope dogs as "hot", to delay your departure from the ship. 11:20 is cutting it really
    tight and there is just as good a chance that you'll miss the flight. For me, I wouldn't risk it.

  3. ftroute

    ftroute Guest

    The connection is tight but doable if you are using private transportation to FCO. IMHO you would be better off to book a hotel in Rome for the night and catch the same flight out the next day. You would have plenty of time the next morning to take the Leonardo Express to FCO to catch your flight.
  4. ShelbyAD

    ShelbyAD Guest

    Hello again.

    Thank you. We have decided to stay in a hotel after the cruise. I have quite a few questions:

    Has anyone stayed at the Jolly Midas? This is the hotel in which Princess picks up passengers. If you've stayed there, what did you think? I know it's out of the way from the center of town - but they do offer free shuttle to town.

    How much does it cost to go from the hotel to the airport? How long does it take? What is the Leonardo Express?

    We have booked the hotel (refundable) - what happens if/when the exchange rate changes? For example - the room is 125 Euros. When we booked it the exchange rate was $165, now it is $158 (USD). Will we be charged the rate when we booked it or actually stayed there? I would assume that you would be charged the rate when you actually stay there.

    Sorry for sounding ignorant, but we have never been out of the country (well, we spent 1 night in Vancouver, Canada in 2003 - that's it).

    Also, when we do go, where can I get Euros (in USA)? Or should we wait until we get there and get them from the hotel. Does the hotel exchange currency? I know the hotel in Vancouver did. Heck, we still have 12 Canadan dollars.

    Thank you for your help.
  5. ftroute

    ftroute Guest

    Exchange rate - You will be charged the prevailing rate at the time you stay at the hotel.

    Euros - There are numerous ATM's at FCO and I would suggest getting Euros there. You will also find ATM's to be almost everywhere that you go in Rome. Yes, the hotel will probably exchange currency, but you will not get a good rate.

    Leonardo Express is an express (non-stop) train from FCO to Rome Termini. It is the most economical means to get into Rome. About a 30 min ride. From baggage claim you must go up two floors to the overpass to the train station across the street (there is an elevator). Suggest you read up on the Italian Trains at Italian Trains for Cruise Passengers

    You might want to look into a hotel that is more centrally located in Rome. We have always stayed in the vicinity of Termini because it is within walking distance of the major sites and close to the trains.
  6. ShelbyAD

    ShelbyAD Guest

    Thank You. We are staying at the Jolly Midas b/c we are sailing on the Grand Princess and Princess has a shuttle service from that hotel. We know it's more expensive, but we will be using Princess shuttles from the airport to the ship, from the ship to the hotel and from the hotel to the airport. I've been in other US cities and the taxi drivers take you on a 6 mile trip for something that was only about 6 blocks. In a foreign country, I'm sure they do the same. Especially w/ people who don't speak the language.

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