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Rome HOtels - Priceline

Discussion in 'Europe' started by cruiztime, Feb 12, 2005.

  1. cruiztime

    cruiztime Guest

    Does anyone have any experience booking hotels in Rome on Priceline:?

    I am curious about the rates and what kind of hotel was booked. I always have excellent results booking in the US on Priceline.

    The hotels in Rome are very expensive. I am used to booking hotels for $40-$50 and getting 4 star locations on Priceline. Not in Rome. The Euro has killed the US dollar and it appears that a flea bag hotel will cost about $100 - with the bathroom down the hall!!!!!!

    Anyone have any suggestions:? It will be appreciated.
  2. ralphtyler

    ralphtyler Guest

    Try B&Bs. Search for B&Bs in Rome and surroundings. You should get a room for $100 to $120 a night. Stay north of the city and not near the train station.We will be traveling on the Westerdam April 27th. My wife is from Piacenza, just south of Milano. Will be ataying in Rome for a few days before motoring on to the north
  3. cruiztime

    cruiztime Guest

    Several prople have told me NOT to stay near the train station. There are a lot of train stations, which one do you mean:?

    My daughter was in Rome two years ago and did stay near the main terminal and said it was fine. However, she was in her 20's and not a care in the world. Older and wiser folks have a different slant on life, especially with all the crime in certain areas of Rome...............

    I want to be near good sections of the City within a short train/bus ride into the heart of the tourist areas.

    There are so many hotels and B & B's on the Internet it is difficult when you really don't know the neighborhoods. They all say "close to tourist areas", well to some a short 45 minute bus ride is considered close.

    Thanks for all your help.
  4. ralphtyler

    ralphtyler Guest

    Try search for VILLA PAOLA B&B ROME. We have not stayed there but relitives have and we have good reports. Also try ABACUS B&B ROME.
  5. juliejoe

    juliejoe Guest

    We'll be staying at the Aberdeen Hotel - less than 100 EU a night - excellent location. If you e-mail them for availability, ask for the Rick Steve's Rate.

    Another good one is Nicholas Inn - very near the Forum, about 120 EU. From a review I read, this area can be a bit noisy at night - but the Nicholas Inn is highly recommended.

    Look at Tripadvisor.com, slowtrav.com, fodors.com for reviews of the B & B or hotel you are considering.
  6. cruiztime

    cruiztime Guest


    I sent an email to Nicholas Inn requesting rates.

    Do you have the email address for Aberdeen Hotel?

    I could not find their website.

    Many thanks
  7. juliejoe

    juliejoe Guest

  8. ralphtyler

    ralphtyler Guest

    Hotel Aberdeen is not the area in Roma that will give you the most enjoyment. North of the city centre in the area of Grotta Rossa or on the seconda line near Cipro Musei Vatacant stop would be the area to choose.
  9. Marion Paris

    Marion Paris Guest

    JulieJoe - what month are you visiting Rome? The rates you have are much cheaper than what I have seen for the time I will be in Rome.

    Hotel Aberdeen already booked for the dates I need.


    How far is the Grotta Rossa area from let's say the Spanish Steps? How long would it take via public transportation.

    I would like to be in an area where we could go out walking and see the sights.

    I note that most of the addresses have what appears to be a zip code after the name of the city or area. What zip code would Grotta Rossa have?

    Many thanks
  10. ralphtyler

    ralphtyler Guest

    Villa Paola zip code is 00189 but do not go by the 'zip code'. Stay out of the city centre. Travel into the city in the AM and return to your accomodations in the evening. Search for VILLA PAOLA B&B ROME. You will not be disapointed
  11. ralphtyler

    ralphtyler Guest

    Villa Paola zip code is 00189 but do not go by the 'zip code'. Stay out of the city centre. Travel into the city in the AM and return to your accomodations in the evening. Search for VILLA PAOLA B&B ROME. You will not be disapointed
  12. I just checked out Villa Paola B&B & it does look quite nice. My only problem is that you have to send them 1/2 deposit, traveler's check, personal check, money order, etc. No credit cards accepted. Also charge E10.00 service fee to process foreign checks. Cancellation policy is 30 days prior to booking date for full refund, but they do retain the E10.00 service fee.

    There is an additional E15.00 cleaning fee they assess to clean the room and the room only gets cleaned once a week! Don't know if this applies if you only stay 1 or 2 nights (I hope not!).

    Was reasonably priced (double room E75.00 w/ breakfast) but add another E25.00 for the extra fees.

    A lot of places only take a credit card to guarantee the room. I guess you need to read all the fine print to find out if there are extra fees assessed.
  13. I don't know why I am getting these symbols in my post. I am typing it correctly. Happened yesterday too.
  14. Marion Paris

    Marion Paris Guest

    Oh well, the typing fairies must be at work in your computer.

    Yes, I usually look at the small print. I don't like the idea of sending an email with credit card numbers, many hotels request either a fax or info via email.

    They charge you to clean the room once during your stay. However, I believe they still charge you to clean the room when you check out (if you have not had the room cleaned during your stay). Or so I believe?????

    Villa Paola did look great. However, I want the real flavor of Rome and would like to leave my hotel and walk the streets. Villa Paola seems far away from the 'action'.

    Just me being confused - I want a good rate, good neighborhood, close to everything and I can't have it all!

    Any other suggestions will be appreciated.
  15. I agree. Want to be able to walk about & get the real flavor of Rome without worrying.

    I am still searching. Will keep you posted. I have checked out lots of good moderate priced hotels. Just need to make sure the area is safe.
  16. Marion Paris

    Marion Paris Guest

    Think you will be on the Galaxy right after us. I will keep looking too - keep posting and updating us.

  17. cruiztime

    cruiztime Guest

    Just received the following email from www.3coinsbb.com (Three Coins Bed and Breakfast)

    Check them out and let me know what you think

    Thank You For Your inquiry,we have a double room with a private bath room at ?130,00

    per night per room. small Double with a share the bath room( with 2 more people) at ? 80,00

    per night per room.

    If You decide To Book Your Reservation Code Is:TC 26

    the room is equipped with Television,

    airconditioniner ,Breakfast . All Taxes Is included .
    we have a pick up service from airport to B&B at euro 45,00 for 2people
    if you are interestd inform your fly name fly namber and arrival Time ?

    To secure this accomadation ,please send us a fax or an e-mail with the following details:
  18. Just checked 3 Coins B&B out. Looks average, nothing special. I personally don't know if I would stay there. Seems pricey for a B&B.
  19. Marion Paris

    Marion Paris Guest

    All the B & B's are expensive if you ask me. I started checking them because the hotels seemed so high. The ones that look 'special' are way over priced.

    Whats a traveler to do?

  20. Hi Marion, I agree. I am still looking for decent places to stay. I have a few hotels that I am going to check out. Will keep you posted. Think you and I are on the same page as to where we would like to stay and type of accommodation. I don't have to have a 5* as long as it is clean and has basic amenities.

    Have a good day.


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