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Rome HOtels - Priceline

Discussion in 'Europe' started by cruiztime, Feb 12, 2005.

  1. cruiztime

    cruiztime Guest

    I found some great three star hotels last night. However, I do not want to pay $750 American for three nights! Ouch, I could take a 7 day cruise for that!

    The longer I look the more I think I will have to pay a lot more $$$ than I want to be in the location I really want to be. I have been advised that the Spanish Steps area is a good location.

  2. Marion Paris

    Marion Paris Guest

    I realize that the hotels in Italy are priced/stared under Government regulations. Since this is the case, most of the web sites have the same pricing for all the hotels on the different sites. Not much in the way of bargains around. Might just have to bite the bullet in order to get any hotel. As we get closer to our arrival dates, we will have less choices for accommodations....There are a lot of hotels, just not in the price range I really want to spend!

    Anyone for pitching a tent on the Spanish Steps?
  3. ralphtyler

    ralphtyler Guest

    Simple solution to the problem. Stay out of the city centre in a B&B and go in to the city by bus or underground. You will obtain a room and breakfast for about 100 euro per night or less.
  4. Marion,

    Don't just book anyplace. Are you looking for 3 nights? If you are staying 3 nights you want a decent place. I have heard that Spanish Steps is a good area but hotels are expensive there.

    I'll post some places tomorrow & you can take a look at them. Also give you the names of a few places others on Galaxy 10/7 are staying.

    What is your max price you want to pay?

  5. Hi Marion,

    Check out this website:


    It's easy to navigate & you can find out availability & prices without changing websites.

    If you put in dates you are looking for, it saves them for all the hotels you want to check.

    Also gives location!

    It will give you an idea of the areas at least.

    Hope this might help.

    Let me know.

  6. Marion Paris

    Marion Paris Guest

    Thanks, I have used this site in my search - however I am still without a hotel.

    My son's girlfriend came over last night. She lived in Rome for 5 months and has a lot of friends there. She stayed in the Orlando Hotel on her last visit and said it was ok and inexpensive. I Couldn't find their web site. She is calling her friends to see what they can suggest and I will let you know.

  7. Thanks. I am still searching too. Will let you know.

  8. cruiztime

    cruiztime Guest


    This one is right in my price range. Sent them an email and was quoted 100 euros per night, includes all taxes, etc and breakfast, the place is even air conditioned and has a private bathroom.

    I did not want to stay over by the Vatican but I may have no choice. We arrive on Tuesday and might go into city center and take the hop and hop off tour bus and river boat tour (if we can stay awake from the jet lag) On Wednesday we were going to do the Vatican anyway, it will take a full day. On Thursday we can take the train into City Center and roam around on foot all day, poor tired feet! Friday we head to the ship, not certain of the time yet, meeting others for limo share. It might work.

    What do you think?

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