Rome port hotel


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Anyone have suggestion for a moderately priced hotel for the Roman port? I'll just need one night at end of cruise and don't think I want to go into Rome itself, having been there before. So somewhere reasonable to relax for a day/night would be good and from where I can easily get to airport in the morning. thanks


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I do not know of hotels at the port itself, which is quite a ways from both the airport and Rome itself. However, at the airport, there is a Best Western. It is nothing special, but much cheaper than most of the other airport hotels like the Hilton. About 2 miles from the airport and right at the train station is the Mach 2 Hotel. It is a little "pricier" than the Best Western, but a much nicer place, and more removed from the niose of departing / landing planes.

Good luck.



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thanks, Ted - I appreciate it - and I didn't really want to stay at the port either - I should have written my question better.