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Room on port side,smoking side of boat?

Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by fun cruiser, Apr 29, 2004.

  1. iluvcruzin

    iluvcruzin Guest

    CABIN 8390

    The VOYAGER has only one glass door for this aft room. The rest of the Voyager ships have glass sliding doors. I booked a deck 8 corner aft on the Mariner and this information was confirmed by my TA and RCCL (I called them directly).

    So.. If synlgar's booking is not on the Voyager of the seas.. they have a glass sliding door to the balcony.

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  2. Ali

    Ali Guest

    Maureen the Adventure also has a single door in cabin 8390 and 8690 as you can see from this photo that I took of the back of the Adventure when it was docked in St. Maarten. <http://community.webshots.com/photo/48328219/107871218kPIOcA>

    I found this photo in the Addicts gallery of the back of the Mariner and it also has the single door on cabin 8690 which means that 8390 is exactly the same.
    <img src=http://www.cruise-addicts.com/picturepost/image.php/2117/DSCF0035.JPG>

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  3. ljeanbrown

    ljeanbrown Guest

    You never know when a photo will come in handy :thumb The customer service people no less about the ships than the cruisers do :lol I talked to one that tried to tell me there was no difference in the balcony size on the aft cabins verses the regular cabins. I told her I had been on the ship and had photo's and you can also tell by the brochure and she still insisted that all the cabins had the same size balcony, I just gave up. I also had this happen with a rep for Celebrity about the aft cabins on the Millie, now we all know they are huge and the guy said that was not possible it was just how it looked in the brochure. I asked him if he wanted me to send him my photo's as proof :lol I never listen to the cruise line reps anymore as I have heard too much from them that is incorrect.
  4. Ali

    Ali Guest

    Laurie :lol If I have a certain question I need an answer for I usually will just email a crew friend for the answer. The customer service reps have no clue. :)
  5. synlgar

    synlgar Guest

    You know everyone told me this was a great room. Now, with all the money I have spent, I am really sick. I wanted a sliding door to look out, now I am stuck with a dinky door. I really do not want my daughter above me on a bunk bed. Please tell me this room is better than it looks on your pictures?

    I was lead to believe it was the same as the other rooms, with a slider, only with a bigger deck. It really looks ugly on the pictures. Only two months to go and I will bet there are no other choices.

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  6. synlgar

    synlgar Guest

    Bless you!!!!!! I was almost sick at the pictures I saw. I am on the Navigator leaving June 26th and was ready to call my TA tomorrow morning. I am however, still not real happy about the pullman above my head. lol
  7. synlgar

    synlgar Guest

    Ok, first I read and responded to your posting, and then I read Ali's afterwards. I am calling RC directly tomorrow and/or my TA and finding out. Then I will pitch a fit if it is a single door.
  8. Ali

    Ali Guest

    synlgar it is a single door. All the Voyager Class ships have a single door on 8690, 8390, 9690 and 9390. The only picture in that album on webshots that is mine is the one of the back of the ship showing the different balconies. The author of that album "lifted" my picture from the addicts gallery after I posted it.

    I'm not sure of the bed configuration in that cabin. You will have a sofa in the cabin that might fold out to a bed.

    This link will show you the 8390 balcony on the Navigator. The balcony is bigger than one on the side, but it does have the single door.


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  9. ljeanbrown

    ljeanbrown Guest

    I don't understand why you are upset about your cabin#8390? The balcony is really big, the cabin is very nice and your view will be great. The regular balcony cabins have a sliding door but a 4ft. deep balcony, so I would rather have a single glass door and a huge balcony to enjoy than a sliding door and a tiny balcony. I have cruised on the Navigator in a regular (well they call it superior) balcony cabin and went to an aft cabin to visit and it was wonderful, I would trade in a min. :thumb

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  10. fun cruiser

    fun cruiser Guest

    I am the one that had the superior on the port side and an interior for my kids. I did not switch to the carribean princess even though it was 1300.00 -1400.00 cheaper. I have wanted to go on the voager class for so long. I have read so many posts about aft cabins and everyone say's they love them. I found another agency that is holding 8382 aft and 8397 across the hall. These rooms are almost 800.00 cheaperthan the superior. How do I get my TA to get them If they are on hold with someone else? My TA already has my deposit and her prices are alot higher than anyone else. If I switch agencies then I loose my Insurance money. Never cruuised before don't know any thing about the rooms. Any help would be appreciated,thanks.
  11. synlgar

    synlgar Guest

    I guess I am upset because I wanted to wake up in the morning an view the ocean through a large window, not through what looks to be a small window in a door.

    If it was a full glass door I might not be as upset, but in the pictures I saw, it is small and dark.

    I have already called my TA to see what can be done. I will not take a lesser room or move to a different floor, so we will see.

    Maybe I am wrong and the pictures did not do the room justice, but I wanted a view, inside and out especially for my first cruise.
  12. ljeanbrown

    ljeanbrown Guest

    You are better to ask Ali about the door, she has sailed in the aft cabins herself. Hopefully she can help you get a better idea of the cabin :thumb

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  13. synlgar

    synlgar Guest

    I have learned more about the ship on this site than from anyone at RC or even my TA. Do you realize that no one had any idea that those 4 rooms on the Navagator etc had doors, not sliders. lol Unreal. My TA was on hold for almost an hours while RC did research on the ships because even they were telling her there were sliding doors.

    Anyhow, I have no place to move to at this time, so....rather than make matters worse, I will stay where I am, and pray for the best.
  14. Ali

    Ali Guest

    synlgar I am so glad that you finally have this resolved. Like Laurie and I both mentioned the RCI customer service reps have no clue. Even though you won't have the sliding door, you will still have a wonderful view from your balcony.

    Have a wonderful cruise!
  15. potter27

    potter27 Guest

    I was just on VOS the port side is Non smoking,star board was smoking

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