Rose Hall Jamaica



Has anyone ever taken a ship excursion to rose hall from OCHO RIOS??? If so how was it? Did they give lot's of beach time? How was the beach? We will be sailing the Century in May and Could care less about Dunn's Falls.



I am just getting into the cruise thing. So I am reading the various boards. For your info
Rose Hall is much closer to MO Bay. It will be about 1Hour and 45 minutes each way from Ochi. You may want to check out other resourts. If you are looking for Golf, which they have at Rose Hall. You may want to check out Breezes Runaway Bay It would be only a 30 minute ride. There are beaches in Ochi but none that I have a good knowledge of. Stayed at Couples in Ochi for a few weeks once but was not that impressed.
Good Luck.

Ms. Dolly

I have taken a tour from a ship docked at Montego Bay, interesting from a history point of view, lovely picture opportunities, but I never saw the beach on this tour.



We did the Rose Hall Tour last November while cruising on the Inspiration. It was interesting, but I would not recommend it to anyone. There were 6 of us who took this tour and none were impressed. I certainly wouldn't spend 2 hours each way from Ocho Rios to see Rose Hall. Can't understand why you would not be interested in Dunn's River Falls Park. You don't have to climb the falls to enjoy the atmosphere that the park offers. Just walking along the boardwalk watching others climb the falls is quite entertaining. Actually, I highly recommend Peat Taylor's tour. It is IMHO the best tour value in the Caribbean.