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Rotterdam Penthouse - New York to Montreal

Discussion in 'Holland America Line' started by MARKandROGER, Mar 7, 2003.

  1. sage

    sage Guest


    I'm hopeful that you will love the Rotterdam and her staff as much as we did. As I said, we sailed the Rotterdam last December, met some lovely people, and are sailing again this December. The Concierge was also very helpful, and the Neptune Lounge was a delight. They also have the Port shopping person come and give a shopping talk for just the suite guests in the Neptune Lounge, and I found this very helpful, as you could actually handle the items instead of trying to wade through the crowd after the talk. In fact, the young lady who presented the talk met us at one of the jewelry stores to make sure that I was shown exactly the item I was interested in and got the price that she had given. I also thought the Neptune Lounge was a wonderful place to pop in and have a cup of tea or what ever and meet and talk to some of the other suite guests.
  2. peaches

    peaches Guest

    M an R-

    You might want to check out the HAL message board on cruisecritic.com, too, for lots of good information and friendly folks.

    MARKandROGER Guest

    Okay, will look it up

    MARKandROGER Guest

    Cruise Critics is not like this forum. I like you guys much better
  5. sage

    sage Guest

    I have heard that some Penthouses are done in yellow and some in red. Does anyone happen to know if 7002 is a yellow or red decor? Of course it doesn't matter, but it helps keep me going and dreaming until December when we sail. Also does anyone know if the fridge is the same size as in the S category, or is it larger?
  6. jim vegas

    jim vegas Guest

    MARK and ROGER

    We will be sailing in the ROTTERDAM this may 23.

    WE have a suite just down from yours.

    You mentioned that no one would probably want to eat with you well you are wrong if you want to we would be glad to eat with you.

    Maxine and i will be on our honeymoon and would like to have you for our tablemates.

    i have cruised before and find that is is very relaxing and enjoyable.

    I lost my wife about 5 years ago and MAXINE lost her husband about 10 years ago we met one day and fell in love and as they say the rest is history.

    If you would like to get together for a table that is great or if for a few drinks that is ok too.

    Looking forward to hearing from you

  7. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    Jim.....Best wishes on your upcoming marriage. What a great post! Hope you all have a wonderful time on Rotterdam.
  8. sage

    sage Guest

    jim vegas,

    Congratulations to you and Maxine. I am a romantic at heart, and I can think of no better honeymoon than one at sea. I only wish that I was on the same sailing so that I could toast the happy couple as well.
  9. ashuma

    ashuma Guest

    We sailed in the PH on the Amsterdam in Septemebr and as several have mentioned, there are the same ammenities as for CAT S except for the much nicer accomodations and larger verandah. But the concierge and other staff do get to know who is in the PH and really do cater to you more. Not that we expected it, but we were told we had the best dinner table, concierge staff could not do enough for us, etc. All in all a great experience. And we invited others for pre-dinner appetizers and drinks and had excellent service - though I think all CAT S and PH suites would get that.
  10. tomc

    tomc Guest

    You guys up in PH and S ... I envy you! I'm down in steerage. You folks want to join me in the Lido any night between 8:00 and 11:00, I'm often there reading. I can afford to treat you to coffee or tea there, and might even spring for the late-night buffet.

    I've been on this cruise five times before and can answer some, most or all of your questions.
  11. SusanH

    SusanH Guest

    Hey tomc, Thanks for saying what I've felt like espressing since first coming onboard here. I had about decided that this board was an exclusinve for penthouse and veranda suite people. I just lurked and read trying to get a feel of how the more fortunate sailed while I too was down in steerage. It's nice to know we aren't all traveling up there on the top of the ship. I too, envy them.
  12. sage

    sage Guest


    Please forgive me if I came across as being something as a snob. It is actually my husbands fault that we cruise in suites. We found a good deal on one, and he loved it so much, that it was his idea to continue in this fashion. You see, he likes to lounge in the sea air, and this way, he doesn't have to put on shoes or walk very far when he is thirsty or in need of the bathroom. Basically he has grown lazy, and I'm taking full advantage of it.
  13. peaches

    peaches Guest

    The verandah's in the PH are the same size as the Cat. S. I was surprised, but we liked the S verandah better as the flooring is teak and the PH we were in had indoor-outdoor carpet that was old, worn, and very stained. I also cannot agree ,without knowing specifics, that passengers in the PH get any more benefits or are catered to any more than the full suite passengers. We noticed no diffference at all. Our table, assigned while we were in an S cabin, was in the center lower La Fontaine area right by the Captain's table. Can't get any better than that. Everyone at our table were S passengers. I think everyone on the Navigation Deck is treated the same; if not then it is a function of the attitude of the passenger towards the crew, not vice-versa. We had an informal conversation with one of the officers and he confided how passengers can be pegged from the time they enter the port as to what if any problems they might cause on the ship and passenger 'attitude' definetely comes into play as to dining room assignment and other things.
  14. sage

    sage Guest


    I'm sorry if you have already told us this, but which PH number were you in? I know you said that you liked the layout of the S better than than the PH, but do you think that the PH would be better for four? We love the S category, but we felt with four adults that it may grow a bit crowded. Does the PH have a dressing room so to say as the S, or is the arrangement much different, and what about closet space? I know that I am asking so many questions, and I apologise, but is the tub larger than the S category? I am so envious that you have already been and I have 237 days to wait. But I am also glad that you had a wonderful time. Thank you for putting up with all of my questions.
  15. tomc

    tomc Guest

    >>>We had an informal conversation with one of the officers and he confided how passengers can be pegged from the time they enter the port as to what if any problems they might cause on the ship and passenger 'attitude' definetely comes into play as to dining room assignment and other things.<<<

    No offense to anyone, and maybe I'm not reading the post right, but aside from calling up the Psychic Network, how can these people peg the pax who are just coming onboard? Also, the tables have been assigned before we even stepped on the gangplank. I sailed once with an officer who told us a lot of things that flat-out were not true; wonder if this is the same guy. He was friendly until you mentioned inconsistencies in his line of baloney, then he got unfriendly fast.
  16. ShipMaven

    ShipMaven Guest

    Peaches - Which PH had indoor/outdoor carpeting? I've sailed repeatedly in PS's on Statendam, Volendam and Ryndam, and never encountered that. I'll be in a PS on Volendam again next month and on Rotterdam later this year.

    Sage - the PS has a powder room off the entrance foyer and the bathroom area off the bedroom is larger than some cabins on some ships! You have a double sink with plenty of mirror space and excellent lighting, a large Jacuzzi tub, a separate shower with more water jet functions that you can shake a stick at, a separate little "room" with the commode and bidet as well as another sink. The walk-in closet off the bathroom is huge. Remember that the PS is twice the size of the regular Suite (and the regular Suite, in itself, is very spacious). The Suite is one large room - with smaller dressing area/closet and bathroom. The Penthouse Suite has an entrance foyer, galley, powder room, dining room (not dining area), living room, bedroom, bathroom, walk-in closet - no comparison in layout. Both do have the same size, large verandah. In a suite, 3rd and 4th guests sleep on the sofa bed. In the Penthouse Suite, a bed pulls out of the wall that houses the entertainment center in the living room. The layout I've described does not apply to Prinsendam or Zuiderdam.


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  17. ShipMaven

    ShipMaven Guest

    I, too, would like to reiterate what tomc astutely said about pegging passengers. I can understand where some previous guests may create reputations for themselves, and where some may create reputations for themselves DURING a cruise, but I would be extremely skeptical about pegging passengers as they board the ship. Also, as Tom stated, dining assignments have already been made prior to embarkation.

    On what ship/cruise were these comments made to you, Peaches?

  18. sage

    sage Guest


    Again, thank you for answering my questions. It sounds like there will be plenty of room for everyone, and I am looking forward to the suite now more than ever. Now if I could just find some great Cruise Addicts that were coming along, everything would be perfect. But then there is still plenty of time to book. Thanks again.
  19. tomc

    tomc Guest

    Just to let people know...

    I am HAPPILY envious when people post about verandahs, suites and penthouses. I don't care where anybody is, but I think it's great when someone can afford a nice cabin like that. I'm happy to be on the ship. My mother used to say that she'd sleep in a lifeboat if that's what it took to be on HAL.
  20. Sage I am not Peaches but I hope this will help.
    The tub in the PS is built for two with no problem and the bath also has a round shower with more jets then I have ever seen, the size of the main bathroom with a walkin closet (which is about 6ft x 10ft ) is about the size of a inside cabin. You also have a 2/3 bath by the front entry so everyone must use the main bathroom to take a bath or shower. The other bed is folded up in the cabnet in the living room next to the stereo system.
    Besides being big, what we liked about the PS is, that you have the best of both worlds by having a nice deck to sit out on, and a large picture window to sit by and watch the world go by.


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