Rotterdam Penthouse - New York to Montreal



Sage- Everything the others above aid is what the PH's are like- fabulous- so I won't repeat. We had 7001. Possibly they were getting ready to re-do the verandah flooring. I don't know and I didn't see the other PH's. But on the Rembrandt PH the flooring was awful smelly, old, stained outdoor carpeting.

Tomc- The officer who said this was eating at our table in the dining room, we were talking about whiners, complainers and unruly passengers on ships who make unreasonable demands. Let's put it this way- there is phone communication between the port people at check-in and in the embarkation waiting room with personnel on the ship, including with the dining room. Until they reach their cabins passengers have no idea what table they have been assigned and it is written on a card left in the stateroom. Last miute changes can quickly be made at anytime before the passenger boards the ship and he would be none the wiser, would he? Some people don't like to wait to get on the ship, feel the rules and regs are not made for them, that they are deserving of special treatment and have no problem letting everyone know this, right? The officer shouldn't have said what he did, but there was no one at our table who had any doubt what he said was true. The area in the dining room he pointed out is exactly where you would place someone who you thought might give a waiter a hard time, complain about everything, send food back, and all around behave like an idiot disturbing other diners. The last thing the maitre d' want is a complainer sitting in the center of the dining room, being loud, and a nuisance to other diners. If that can be avoided so much the better for everyone and I'm sure there are some people who present themselves in such a way, even before boarding.


I was beginning to feel uncomfortable after reading your comment that this bulletin board was "exclusive for penthouse and veranda suite people".

Then I remembered that I started this particular category of discussion. So upon reflection I would like to point out the heading is "Rotterdam PENTHOUSE - New York to Montreal". So of course there would be talk about Penthouses and S suites.

I started this post to reflect our interests and questions. We have never cruised in any cabin on Holland America so we do not know what to expect in a Penthouse Suite or even how a cruise company works. I make no apologies about choosing or being in a Penthouse, or discussing what interests me. I am also grateful to all those who gave me insight in what to expect, and how things work.

I agree with Barry’s quote of " I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend your right to say it.", but I would recommend picking and reading only the topics that are of interest to you. Don’t get upset if you don’t like the topics or flavour of the posting you choose to read. It is your choice after all!

Now, if there is a topic about Holland America that interests you I would encourage you to create a new thread that reflects what you want to know or to discuss and start the chat!

Now just to go on record, though we are fortunate to be able to afford a Penthouse on our first cruise, we have a lots of friends in all walks of life, and we respect and enjoy them for what they offer to the friendship, not what cabin they might choose on a Cruise Line.

In fact we have friends who are multi-millionaires that would not pay for a suite of any kind; we have friends who are well off, and choose the least expensive cabin and try for upgrades where possible, we have friends who make the choice to spend an obscene amount of money on their travel accommodations and then less on other things in their lives, and we have friends who can’t cruise at all, no matter how little the cost. Diversity is what makes the world an interesting place.

In response to your posting, I think what was suggested is that the staff of Holland America most likely makes observations about passengers, when and where they can. It also makes sense that they would make their decisions based on what they know (and don’t know). It is human nature to make decisions on what you think you know, whether the observation is right or wrong is another discussion. Change the word “pegging†to “helping to influence their decisions†and it sounds better.

Tom, I get the impression that you are a very balanced individual who can be HAPPILY envious (as you stated), for that I take my hat off and bow in respect. :):):)

You did nothing wrong. Whether it is your husband or you, or both of you that makes that decision to be in a suite, it is who you are, be proud that you can make your choices. You are not a snob, you are a human being with interests and know what you want.. Nothing wrong with that!

:) To all



Thank you for your generous and kind words. And I'm so excited for you that your turn is coming up very soon now.


Tom - just for the record, when I'm cruising with others, their cabins can range from a minimum inside up to a suite. I make my accommodations available as "headquarters" for all my friends and, quite frankly, I never distinguish who has what type of accommodations.

Barry - I'm happy your cabin description concurs with mine several notes above yours. :lol Great minds describe alike....

SusanH - I, too, think that if you read the subject of this particular thread, you'll notice that it refers to penthouses. So, I don't see anything elitist (my term, not yours) about the content of the thread. If you scroll through all the subjects in this forum, you'll see quite a diversity of topics.