Every review I read on the trip to Bermuda on the Zenith is telling about rough seas. Does this have to do with the size of the ship? We booked on June 12, 2004 and hope we don't have trouble. My boy friend got sick on his first cruise 25 yrs ago and it took until October of this year for him to try again.


The Atlantic waters can be rough and it depends on the time of year. Yes the size of the ship means something as far as how much movement you will feel. But if the seas are rough you will feel them on any size ship, just maybe not as much. Maybe your boyfriend should consider wearing a motion sickness patch. He can ask his DR. for an RX for it. If not dramamine and others like will help. The key is to take them before he gets sea sick not wait until he is sick. Good luck and most of all enjoy your cruise.


The patch has a variety of potential side effects. And though many people do, you're not supposed to drink alcoholic beverages with it on.

If you or someone you are cruising with are well aware they have the potential problem of motion sickness, it is well worth it to invest in a much better preventative or cure -- the Relief Band. My family has several cruise@ddicts that suffer motion sickness, some of them severe. They all use Relief Band with successful results. I rarely experience any kind of symptoms, yet we cruise with one, just in case it gets really nasty.

The Relief Band is not the Sea Bands (the plastic/elastic bands that go on each wrist). The Relief Band is an electronic band that fits on one wrist and looks kind of like a watch. It works by sending an electrical impulse (yes, a light, painless shock) into the nerve in the wrist that somehow short-circuts the motion sickness impulse. It can be set at different levels depending upon need and comfort. It comes in models where the batteries are self-contained, or changable batteries. The changable battery models are expensive (but well worth it if you know you or others have problems.

I can testify from personal experience, and the experience of family members... THIS WORKS. It has no side effects (except to your $$). It can be worn before symptoms as a preventative, or after symptoms start (it takes about 15 minutes to cure symptoms that have alread started. Most medicinal methods don't work very well after symptoms already start. I've recommended this to many, many people, and many, many have thanked me.

Please note, I'm not affiliated in any way with this product (except as a satisfied customer). You can check it out at but I've seen different reports that people have found it cheaper at other websites.



Thanks for the news about relief bands. Frank took his first trip 30 yrs ago and got quezzy(sp). We just took a 3 night to Bahamas from Miami and he asked his doctor about the patch. He cautioned against it because it can cause sleepiness and other side effects. He was fine on that trip and it was a little choppy. We will be sailing to Bermuda on June 12 from New York and I will try to convince him to try the relief bands.



We did the Zenith to Bermuda at the end of May. The seas were very rough going there and coming back....there were no storms in the area, it's just that the Atlantic can be very rough to sail on( at any time of the year) I took Mecclazine 2 hours prior to sailing. Worked great...didn't make me sleepy at all. The Zenith is smaller than most ships, so you do feel the motion alot more. On the constellation, we sailed through a storm, and you didn't even feel it! Have a wonderful trip...Bermuda is beautiful!!!


A number of years ago we cruised NYC to bermuda on the NCL Dreamward (before it was stretched). This was an early august cruise and we also hit some rough sea. You should not and cannot expect the same cruising experience to bermuda as you remember in the carabean. The Atlantic to Bermuda is open water and swells are more likely to occur and be more noticeable. Knowing this however one should prepare adn not let some rough water niterfere with your experience. WE persnallly take meclezine prior to cruising and increase any dosage if necessary depending upon the seas. This always hs worked ....dont wait until you start getting green or it is definnitely too late.