Royal Caribbean and solo travellers

I was on the Dubai and the Emirates itinerary on Brilliance of the Seas from 28 November until 5 December 2011. This was my second solo trip, following a Transatlantic crossing on QM2 in May.

I didn't feel as well looked after on Brilliance as I did on QM2. A get-together for solo travellers was listed in Daily Compass on the first day. However it was at 5.30 pm up by the Sky Bar. I went up there, and of course there were hundreds of people milling around as it was Sailaway time. I couldn't identify anyone who might be organising the get-together, or anyone who looked as though they were on their own. There were no other get-togethers listed during the trip, and I only met 2 other people on their own. I think that the timing and location of this event were poor.:doubledown:

I contrasted this to the get-together on QM2, where I met a lot of people who I met up with again during the voyage.
RCI and QM2 can't be compared as RCI is a mass market cruise line while QM2 is a luxury line. But I agree the solo/single cruiser get together should be removed altogether from the listing activities. I've sailed on RCI a dozen times solo and the first RCI cruise I went to the solo/single cruiser get together and had the exact same experience you did. No one from the ship was there and if there were other solo/single cruisers it was impossible to identify them in the crowded bar. On later cruises on RCI other solos told me they had the same experience. But I travel solo b/c I like traveling solo and meeting people, especially on a cruise, is easy when I want company. I've met many couples, families and other solos while traveling but don't look especially to meet other solos. If you sail on RCI again and want to meet other solo cruisers ask the main dining room manager to seat you with other solo cruisers or groups of singles traveling together. FYI - Norwegian now offers cabins for singles on some ships with a lower single supplement. They have a lounge designated for and located in the singles' cabins area and a crew member dedicated to organizing solo cruiser events. My friend who sometimes cruises solo loved it.