Royal Caribbean Oasis Cruise-White Night Question and Halloween

I have only been on 2 cruises thus far. One on Carnival and the last was on RC Liberty of the Seas. Each cruise had an evening when everyone dressed in white...well other that those who are out of the loop like myself. :( I have a reservation on the RC Oasis in Oct/Nov and wonder if white night will again occur. I am also wondering about any Halloween celebrations since our first night out will be Halloween. Should I be prepared for a masked event?


Sweden Unleased - Special Contributor
I have cruised once on Halloween with RCI and if I'm not wrong there were some Halloween parades.
This was a couple of years ago and here in Europe (a Med cruise). It may be very different cruising out from the US as Halloween is much bigger over there.



The Euro Connection Special Contributor
Been on a cruise while Halloween, on my cruise there was a parade. Lot of cruise guest had really put time and effort on their costumes, and I'm now talking of adults!