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ruby princess aft balcony vs mini suite



Any advise on booking an aft balocony vs a mid ship mini suite....obviously there is a bit of a size difference, but also a bit of a price difference as well. We are going on a 12 day Med, with 10 stops.

Any adivse would be great!!!

Thanks Susan


Your aft balcony will also have a cover. Most of the mini balconies are not covered. The minis also have a bathtub where the aft cabin only has a match box shower stall. Being that it is port intensive only you can really decide if having the extra cabin space and tub/shower is worth the extra money. But the view while aft.......

Good luck deciding.


Looking down from the Lido deck aft, port side onto the aft balconies of the Ruby Princess....


We have sailed many times in both. I don't think the mini is worth the price for as many stops as you have. I don't like the match box shower as Suer says but will live with it to have that view from the rear of the ship. If you do go with a mini, look at an "AD" category on Emerald Deck. Those are the only mini's with fully covered balconies.