Ruby Princess Embarkation


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Jeanie is correct. Formal dining rooms closed until dinner, serving crew get that morning/afternoon "off" typically, but all pool area service (hot dogs, hamburgers), as well as the buffet, etc. all open. Plenty to eat if you board early.


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Princess does have a dining room open on embarktion. I have had lunch twice on embarkation day. This has been in 2008. It was a new thing they started last year.

Here is the press release from last year on this. See the second to last paragraph.
Thanks for the link Whimsy. I guess they forgot to tell the folks in the dining to be open on embarkation day when we were on the Ruby Princess last December.


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True Seagar, we were directed to the pool area buffet or Horizon Court buffet. No mention of MDR. We were on the same sailing. Although, I waited for dinner and did my unpacking.


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I honestly think this varies from ship to ship! In most cases the main dining room is not open on embarkation day to anyone but those people on back to back cruises.


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I checked in April and the dining room was indeed open for lunch and we saw people eating there. We were told it was a "reserved" event, what ever that meant. I think it was back to back guests only. I heard later from people we met that if you asked to sit there, they would let you.


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About half the time the head waiter or crew will try to tell you that the MDR is closed at lunch.I just pull out the Princess press release and have always been admitted.