Rudee's surgery (dog)


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A few have asked about Rudee's surgery today, so...

Surgery is done, and Rudee did well. The surgery took about three hours and they did both front legs. His issues were in his elbows, and due to his fast growth. This causes the bone to crack and the loose piece rubs on the cartilage causing lameness. In other words, it had to be done, or he would be in severe pain for his lifetime.

The next 6 weeks will be very difficult. He has to be confined, no running, jumping, stairs, etc. He can go outside on a leash only for a quick minute. He is not going to be happy about that :whistle: But he will be on pain meds for about 10 days, so he should be sedated enough to keep him down. After that....well, he won't be happy....

They said he has bandages that go from his feet up above his elbows, that cannot get wet. He will get his bandages and stitches out in about 10 days.

The student that called said that Rudee was a very good patient. When they did rounds yesterday, they brought all the students in to "feel" his elbows and learn. Rudee proceeded to lick each one in the face! They thought that was "sweet"....I wonder how much they get paid to say that (lol)

So we pick him up tomorrow afternoon. I'll be glad to have all of this over with, and Rudee back to normal again...

Note: With all that's going on with dear Connie, I didn't want to offend anyone with my "dog" post, today. I only did this because a few had asked. I hope you understand...


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Patty - of course, we want to know about Rudee. I'm relieved for him AND his family that all went well.

Please DO keep us informed. Rudee is beloved to you and important to us.

Pucci sends tail wags!


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We do want to hear about Rudee as most of us consider our pets as more than pets-they are a part of our family & very special to us. I don't envy you having to keep him quiet for 6 wks. Hopefully the time will just fly by. If you do have trouble keeping him settled down after he is off the pain meds perhaps a mild tranqulilizer would help; my Yorkie gets them during severe storms & over the July 4th holiday.


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Thanks guys (((hugs)))

This whole ordeal has been hard because Rudee is a young dog. He just had his first birthday a couple weeks ago...

This house has been too quiet since he's been's a long three days :(


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Glad to hear Rudee came through ok. Hope you do not get to stressed out trying to keep him down for the next six weeks. Good luck and a speedy recovery to Rudee.


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I am so glad to hear that Rudee came through his surgery well! Recuperation may be a pain in the neck for you and for him but the benefits are so great that it is worth the effort! Give him special skritches from me when you get him home and woofs from our two yorkies...we all hate to see anyone or any pup in pain!


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Cody is thrilled that Rudee got through everything OK. (Cody doesn't like Vets, ever since SunFlower had him "snipped") Sends his "woofs!"


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Oh, poor baby Rudee. I know he has had it rough, and will still have it rough for a bit while he heals, so I send good healing thoughts his way. Thanks for the update, Reggae.


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Glad to come home tonight to the great news. I know my 4 mean the world to me and I would be so lost without them. Hope the 6 weeks pass swiftly.


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I am so happy to hear that Rudee's operation is over and he is on the mend.

Keeping a dog down and unactive for 6 weeks -- that will be a challange.

Prayers he keeps improving.


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Thanks for the update. Like someone else said, we need some good news here.

I hope the six weeks go by quickly for you and him. I'm sure it's going to be a task keeping him quiet, especially as the weeks go on and he feels better despite still needing to stay quiet.


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So glad to hear Rudee has come through the surgery well. Now we wish him a speedy and complete recovery.....and yes, please keep us up-to-date on how he progresses because we care.


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So glad to hear that Rudee's surgery went well.
I feel for you having to keep him quit.
Keep us updated as to how he is doing after he gets home.
Like others have said its good to read some good news.