Rudee's surgery (dog)


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Happy to know Rudees surgery went well. :sunny:
We have many pet lovers here at C@ so please keep us informed on Rudees recovery. Good luck with keeping him calm in the next few weeks.
As I said before we did the 'benadryl ' between pain meds with ours to help keep them a tad calm,! :biggrin:


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This is great news! Glad to hear Rudee came through with no problems. Keeping him quiet will be much easier in the proper size kennel, but I'm sure your vet has covered that. Give him lots of love for us. Kiefer says WOOF and sends wags from the heart.


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Rudee is home! He is happy...when they brought us to him at the hospital, his tail was wagging, lots of hugs and licks :) It was an emotional greeting after three days...

So he's home and resting. The pain pills have him very calm right now, and he wants to be in the crate. We leave the door open. Right now, I think he feels safe in there....

Glo, thankfully, my neighbor loaned us her large crate. She has every size imaginable, and this one is HUGE! We also have a therapeutic bed in the crate for him.

All the bandages come off in ten days. He is having a lot of trouble walking with all the bandaging on his legs. But he's managing.

We're just very happy to have him home, safe again.

Thanks to all of you for your encouragement...


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Pucci and I are so happy to see that Rudee is home, tail a-wagging, and resting comfortably. Lots of scritches from me, please.

Hopefully, you can keep him "calm" during his recuperative period.

May he have an uneventful recovery.

Pucci sends tail wags.