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Ryndam 7 Day Cancelled 1 AUG



Local radio here in BC reporting that the cruise which leaves tomorrow has been cancelled because of illness on board.


Yes, It was due to the Norwalk virus. The steps taken to remove virus the week before ,Aug 1, did not work. Many pax were hit HARD by the flu. HAL Cxl cruise and will give pax a certificate for a new cruise in 2003. All dates this year all sold out. I just returned from Vancouver today after seeing off my 34 pax at the airport. We were on a Land portion and received the news in Anchorage on Wed. morning. 55 other pax were called on Wed evening and told not to go to Vancouver. At this time many passengers are very upset that their vacation plans were called to a halt. I also was on the Westerdam on 9-11, when the embarking passengers were told this cruise was cxl. It was Deja-vous for me. I am a Program Mng. for Vantage Travel. HAL is holding a DAM-FAM in Vancouver this evening. The same thing happened to Princess awhile back. I am glad to be home safe and well. I spoke to a Dr. today, he said the pax were not fit to travel home for at least 3 days. Very sad.


Hi Jerna. Thank you for the detailed info.
Can you find out what country the cruise lines are buying their lettuce from? I suspect the virus is in the lettuce. Some countries may be using contaminated virus fertilizers.

My other theory is that at the Buffets on some cruise lines pax are allowed to serve themselves. Think of all the germs on the serving spoons.

I know for a fact that some people do show up ill with the flu or contagious viruses on planes/trains/bus/cruises. They don't care about the rest of us. There is nothing we can do about that.

I have decided not to eat at Buffets at restaurants where people serve themselves because I can see now how so many germs can be passed on to me.LOL.


Lucky for my friend lougee 1043, he chose the Zaandam for his cruise leaving from Vancouver to Alaska.
I feel really sorry for the people who didn't get to go on their cruise on the Ryndam.

It is really important to buy travel insurance in case cruises cancel.


That is terrible. But once the bug starts circulating in a contained vessel there is not much you can do but get everyone off until the bug is killed.

The pax are upset because it is cancelled, but they would be upset if they were let on then became very ill. No win situation for everyone.

It is true that people go on public transportation when they are ill. It is our societies fault thought. If you have a non-refundable ticket, what are you suppose to do? If you have to go for business purpose and it is go sick or not go and maybe get fired or not get a promotion, what are you suppose to do? Again, our culture and society don’t make it easy to not go when you are sick. Heck, the worst place of all is work. How many times a year do people go to work sick and pass around what they have?

Off the band wagon for now. Sorry for those that don’t get to go.