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S/S Norway

Discussion in 'Norwegian Cruise Lines' started by Stephen H, Sep 27, 2002.

  1. Stephen H

    Stephen H Guest

    I'm thinking about booking for a week next year. Can anyone tell me when she is scheduled to be taken out of service.

  2. Jim in NC

    Jim in NC Guest

    We just returned from the Norway. Several of the crew told us that she is scheduled through the spring of 2004.
  3. KDS

    KDS Guest

    Long live the S.S. France! (if only she *were* still the France :-( ).
  4. Magicd30

    Magicd30 Guest

    We're going for a week 2/15/03 and looking forward to it - my kids think it will be like sailing on the Titanic - hope the outcome isn't the same!
  5. OhioGirl

    OhioGirl Guest

    We are sailing on the Norway, Jan 12, 2003. Was on board this past May, and the
    crew told us, that she should be sailing with the NCL thru 2004...hope so, so we
    can sail her again in the fall, or begining of 2004...
  6. Rob S.

    Rob S. Guest

    Just booked 4/4/04. I believe she is scheduled through the end of April, 2004.

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