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We are booked in a penthouse stateroom with a private balcony (S031) for a 7 day Eastern Caribbean cruise 10/19/03. We had previously heard awful reports about NCL but were pleasantly pleased with a 10 day New England cruise this past October out of Boston on the Dream. We are concerned about taking a cruise during hurricane season on such an old ship. Please tell us some positive aspects of the S/S Norway. Thanks.
Kathy and Mike


KathyandMile~ We just got back from the Norway Christmas Cruise last Sunday and had a fabulous week on the ship. I've posted a review here. It's very positive. Let me know if you have any questions after reading it. I know how it feels to read negatives about the ship you have plans to sail on, tho. Kind of scary and makes you wonder if you've made the right decision. We found our Norway cruise to be better than we'd dared hope to imagine. I think it's important to understand beforehand just what the Norway does and doesn't offer. What it gives up in rock climbing walls and such it gives back in great ambiance and history. Have faith....it's a wonderful ship. As for the ride in hurricane season....she's very stable, don't worry.

Rob S.

She is an old ship, but still very graceful. She is the perfect ship to be on in ill weather, as she is the most stable ship at sea. She is, however, a little worn around the edges, and you won't see alot of glitz, like on the new ships. The food quality varies from poor to very good, depending on the dish. As a rule, the soups are very good. I also had an excellent saltimbocca in the dining room and a delicious filet mignon in Le Bistro (the alternative $10/person restauant). The rest was O.K., but nothing to write home about.
You'll hae a great time if 1) you realize you're not on a brand new mega ship and 2) you don't expect QE2 type service.

Hope that helps.


You asked about doing hurricane season on such an old ship: My opinion:
The Norway is really not a cruise ship, per se, but is an ocean liner, built for the stormy and turbulent North Atlantic. In my opinion, you would be safer on the Norway for many reasons, in an actual hurricane. The draft of this ship is over 35 feet.....this is seriously deep when sitting in the water....it provides a much more stable "ride" than many of today's cruise ships. "Old" doesn't necessarily mean "bad" or "worse" or "not as good." Sometimes, it means BETTER and in my opinion, the Norway is one of the safest, most stable ships afloat...
It's kind of like dating: when faced with someone much younger than you and someone your own age or older, I'm going to go for older: more stable, more experienced and definitely more dependable when they say "I'll call you...."

Bess Dillard

I am traveling on the S/S Norway in late May. My 23 year old daughter made all the arrangements for this special Mother-Daughter cruise. Her main thing to convince me was the kgreat price. We are in the lowest price room available. That's OK. we'll cope. Is there any special tips you can share about boarding, when to make reservations for the Bistro, etc.

Thanks, Bess dillard



FYI, the lowest price on this ship is for a room that is 6'x10', not including the bathroom. You will be sleeping in bunk beds. It is a tight squeeze when two people our getting dress for dinner. My wife and I did it and we had no issues with the room since we new what to expect. We spent most of our time on deck , dining rooms and off ship sightseeing.


Bess, if you're sailing May 25, I'll see you on board; traveling with my youngest daughter.


Can you bring a bottle of wine or champagne on board?? I have seen where they don't want you to bring liquor, but on some cruises this type might be acceptable?

I'd appreciate it if anyone knows the answer...

Also, how are the drink prices??




My last cruise was on the Norway in December and I had one bottle of Champagne in my carryon. I had no problem but others who were bringing on liquor had there bottles taken away from them to be return when the cruise is over.


I'll also be on the May 25 Norway with my 20-year old son! We're in the cheap Cat. P cabin, too, but managed to get one of the bigger ones. I've been on the Norway several times, and it's one of my favorite ships. I really think you'll like sailing on her...lots to offer despite her age. Hope to see you there!


We'll be on the cruise too on May 25, 2003.

Any one else going? Hope the ship won't be too empty!

Happy Cruising!


Hi Kathy&Mike,
We also are sailing on the S/S Norway 10/19/03. We have booked 4 staterooms on the Norway deck, CC category.
Hope to meet or hear from you soon.



I LOVED THE S/S NORWAY ~~!~~ IMHO.. She is the Grand Dame of the Cruise Ships.

She is one the last of the classic ocean liners, and with the rescue of the S/S United States, NCL will have two of the world's classic ships in her fleet.

The S/S Norway was designed to ride the crest of 3 Atlantic Ocean swells, and as such is the most stable cruise ship afloat. She will be by far the most stable of ALL cruise ship in rough water.

She was refurbished recently, and is in wonderful shape.