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s7s - Zuiderdam ?

Discussion in 'Holland America Line' started by MarieA, Aug 15, 2002.

  1. MarieA

    MarieA Guest

    Since you're the most HAL knowledgeable person I'm aware of - can you tell me if the cabins on the Zuiderdam are going to be the same as cabins on the rest of the fleet (i.e. Zaandam, Statendam) in terms of size, etc? A friend is looking at a Zuiderdam sailing next year (a mini-suite) and I wasn't sure how to respond to his questions. Thanks for your help.
  2. Judi

    Judi Guest

    Hi Marie!

    I'm not s7s, and I agree with you about her knowledge of HAL, but if you go to <http://www.hollandamerica.com/fivestarfleet/zuiderdam.htm> and click on deck plans, you might get an idea.

    From first glance, it looks like she'll have a LOT more verandah staterooms! :thumb
  3. MarieA

    MarieA Guest

    Thanks Judi - I checked it out on the HAL page, but since I couldn't open two ships at the same time I couldn't really tell how the cabin sizes compared - I think I'm just looking for the easy way. :) I knew if there were any discrepancies or any things to be aware of s7s would know
  4. cruzman

    cruzman Guest

    My understanding is that the Zuiderdam has the identical basic design as the Costa Atlantica and the Carnival Spirit Class ships. Of course, there will be obvious differences in the interior design to give it that HAL atmosphere and ambiance. I recently sailed on the Pride, cat. 8C with balcony and the cabins were quite roomy, included a fridge too. It is also my understanding that the Zuiderdam is designed for 1950 passengers (double Occupancy) as opposed to 2200 on the Spirit Class ships, so some of the cabins are likely to be larger.
  5. AnneS

    AnneS Guest

    I think the Zuiderdam and the Oosterdam are somewhere in the 1800 passenger area! I HOPE! The Millie is similar -but it has OVER 1950 passengers....I think the cabins are quite large - Approx 200 SF plus balcony or what have you for Minisuites. We have a fall 2003 back-to-back booked on the Oosterdam!
  6. Bruce

    Bruce Guest

    What exactly are you looking for, I have some documentation on the Zuiderdam and Oosterdam if I can help you?
  7. MarieA

    MarieA Guest

    I'm trying to figure out the differences between a mini suite and a balcony stateroom (sq. footage), and then best location for good balcony. Thanks a bunch Bruce!
  8. Bruce

    Bruce Guest

    The Deluxe Verandah Outside Double is approx 241 Sq Ft, including Bal.
    The Superior Verandah Suite is 392 incl Bal
    the Deluxe Verandah suite is 528.

    The Large outside Double 194

    I would try to copy the deck plans for you, but I am not sure how well they would come out. I will try it, but if you can't make any sense out of it, just let me know and I can look and maybe tell you what you want.
  9. Bruce

    Bruce Guest

    Ok, I just sent those to you via email. Good Luck.
  10. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    Hi: Hope I can help.

    There is a new category of cabin on "Z" that does not currently exist on HAL ships.

    There will be a category called "Superior Verandah Suite" which is approximately 384 sq feet including verandah. Then there also will be Delux Verandah Outside which is approximately 254 square feet including verandah.

    On existing ships the "Verandah Suite" (what we commonly call the mini-suite) is 284 square feet including verandah....the layout seems similar to the "Z"'s Delux Verandah.

    The superior verandah Suite for "Z" (384 square feet) is layed out very different and looks like it will be a great cabin.

    All of the booklets, brochures etc I have seen are artist's renderings as there are not yet any photos available. It's hard to be sure just how accurate the renderings are.
  11. LjeanBrown

    LjeanBrown Guest

    S7's in the brochure cat b, aa and cat a, are called deluxe verandah outside. But on HAL'S site they are called mini suites. Are they mini suites? And do you have to stay in a cat ss, s or ps to get the suite perks ? Just so I have the right idea for picking a cabin for our future cruise. Thanks for your help :wave

    Laurie :candle
  12. AnneS

    AnneS Guest

    Minisuites are balconied rooms -VERY nice ones; No suite amenities. The cost of the suites, for us, isn't worth it! We had a suite on Cunard's Caronia -and it was WONDERFUL- don't get me wrong! But they bumped us up from a mini! Liquor was included -which was NICE -but we are just wine-drinkers, and I would NOT have been willing to pay the added cost! Probably the NICEST "perk" that HAL offers is the drycleaning/cleaning "free" -on longer cruises that's a MUST; but I never mind doing a washload or two -BECAUSE I meet the NICEST people there! I don't care for terry robes [ I like a silk caftan ] and stationary with my name?????? not at THAT price! My own butler; I wouldn't know what to do with him! On Cunard, Maria -our maid -had to INSIST we put out our "clean Room" sign as a sign we were gone; I was too afraid I was Being Demanding! I've had a cleaning lady at home -once a week when I was working - for 35 years; She was a DEAR friend! I cannot and WILL not become "One of those people who need the Penthouse suite to feel validated" Nor would I turn it down!!!!!;-)
  13. LjeanBrown

    LjeanBrown Guest

    Thanks Ann, now I know how HAL does things. I really just want a balcony. I was looking at the Cat B, they look like they are in a good location for us.

    Laurie :candle
  14. Einstein

    Einstein Guest

    Below is a good site that will let you compare two different ships / staterooms. Unfortunatly the Zuiderdam is not in their ship base yet. Perhaps U can use another one of the ships recommended from the posters above as a comparison or compare it against the HAL link Judi posted or the info others supplied. Good Luck!!

    <a href=http://www.cruisestateroom.com/847932/indexships-frame.htm>CruiseStateroom</a>
  15. According to the neat Zuiderdam brochure I have, the passenger occupancy is 1848 and the space ratio is 44.37. It is the FIRST in the Vista Class out of a total of FIVE ships.

    The GRT is 82,000 and all staterooms will have dataports in them.

    There are:

    2 pools
    14 passenger elevators
    4 outside elevators with ocean views
    3-story atrium
    2 alternative dining restaurants
    tennis court (yeah!)
    and all the other usual stuff found on the other ships.

    Can't wait to hear a report from those that are cruising this fall on the Zuiderdam (pronouced Zi-der-dam).
  16. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    We just got back from Maasdam and had a chance to talk about Zuiderdam while aboard. We are booked on her forApril and at first were not all that enthusiastic about the new size of the ships and what I errroneously perceived as the direction I thought HAL was headed.

    I learned quite alot and will be happy to post what I know of "Z" in the next few days. I have to screw my head back on and get back to reality after being away for 17 days and I'll be back with info.
  17. MarieA

    MarieA Guest

    Ok, I'll wait ................ :)
  18. frito

    frito Guest

    s7s--re/ your 9-5 post, you state- "what I had erroneously percieved as the direction I thought Hal was headed"-- Could you please clarify, as I too am concerned over what seems to me to be an undesirable direction. Possibly I have the wrong impression also.

  19. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    frito: I had imagined that with the introduction of the Vista Class, they MIGHT use that event as a turning point but, after speaking with lots of people on Maasdam last week, I am very sure I was totally wrong.

    I had formed this image with no info from any reliable source. I now really feel that HAL is trying to provide the HAL veterans with the product we are accustomed to (and more) while trying to interest new cruisers and those who have cruised before but not with HAL to give them a try. It seems most cruisers today want more choices....they we all want more alternative dining choices, more show choices, more lounges etc. They have to keep in step with offering what people want but also avoid the things that many of us HAL "vets" don't want on the ships. I seriously doubt we will ever see a skating rink or rock climbing wall on any HAL ship....they are fine for those who want them, but it isn't HAL's style IMO

    There will be excellent Club HAL space which is great for the families as well as for those of us who are not traveling with children. The kids will be having a great time; Mom and Dad will be happy the kids are happy and will have some time to themselves; and the pax without children aboard will be pleased to not have the kids running around with nothing to do....and, therefore, are disturbing others.

    Zuiderdam will be a very elegant ship in step with HAL's tasteful designs and style. They will have the facility to provide the service they are so known for and, in actuality, while there will be more pax on board, the ship will really be less crowded as there is even more space per passenger on the new series than even on Rotterdam and Amsterdam etc which have never been at all crowded IMO

    I think it is great that more pax will be able to have a balconey cabin, if they want one, at a more reasonable price than having to book a mini or full suite. They needed a larger size ship in order to provide this option.

    I am convinced after lengthy conversations that we are going to be VERY HAPPY Mariners!

    I'm now eager to see the Zuiderdam and we are booked for b-to-b's in April.
  20. frito

    frito Guest

    s7s--thanks for the prompt and informative reply. I have to honestly state ( and I mean no disrespect to anyone with children, as I raised two) that it seems to me that HAL may be going after the family business, thus, somewhere down the road, trying to compete with Carnival and RCCL, getting away from what has made them great.
    Just my honest concerns folks and as I said, no disrespect to families.

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