Sad news for John(nj) AND Susie


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John's Mom past away this morning. :( Susie and her Dad are still in Virginia, as Susie's brother past away on Wednesday. :( His funeral is tomorrow. Warren and I do plan on attending Mom's funeral, once arraignments have been made. (please contact me privately if you want info-nothing on the board please).

Warren and I had the honor to sail with Mom. She was a very special lady. She will be missed.


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This news is absolutely heartbreaking.

Please extend my sincerest condolences to John on the loss of his Mother and to Susie on the loss of her Brother.

May they rest in peace.

Mary Ann


Sending amine and Paws sympathy to John and Sussie. Enjoyed Trudge so much on the cruise we shared with her. Give John and Sussie a hug for me.

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The loss of their family members is just such a tragic circumstance along with all the other tribulations they have on their heart just hurts for them..please send our thoughts and prayers to them...and may the upcoming New Year make their lives all better...thanks for the update Suer..Hugs Joanne and Mark