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sailing on Sensation



Anyone got any tips on getting the most out of the Sensation? We are leaving Saturday the 19th. Thanks

Mark Ericksen

I don't have any tips, but I'll probably be watching you leave. I live over in Clearwater, FL; and once in a while I like to go over to Channelside in Tampa and watch the Sensation get ready to depart. I planned on being over that way on the 19th. It is very interesting to watch all of the activity involved in getting the ship ready to sail. I sit on the veranda of a restaurant called Margarita Mamas on the second level of Channelside, have a drink, and just observe. The ship would have to be less than 100 feet away from me. It is getting to be a rather popular viewing spot for Tampa residents.

It appears to me that most folks get into the "party spirit" as soon as they board the ship. You will have a lifeboat drill before you leave port, usually around 3:30 to 4:00 pm. The ship usually leaves about 4:20. If you see someone on shore wearing a blue and orange Florida Gators hat and holding a Corona beer, with a lime in it, it is me.

I hope you enjoy your trip.

Jeff & Susana

We'll be 'sailing' on the Sensation in March!
Looking forward to your comments on your trip.

We're going a day early and staying at a nearby hotel, just in case.

(I'd go now if I could)

Have a great trip!