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Sailing on the Oosterdam 26/11/05

Discussion in 'Holland America Line' started by TerriB, Aug 2, 2005.

  1. TerriB

    TerriB Guest

    We are a group of fun loving, positive Aussies that will be sailing out of San Diego on the Nov 26.

    It would be great to meet some new friends. I am 41, my husband 44 and the other couple in their early 50's.

    It would be great to hear from you !

  2. Oh Terri, you are tempting me!! I really wish we could, but we have a daughter who will be in school at that time. Darn!
    Hope you have a great cruise and get to meet lots of new friends!
  3. TerriB

    TerriB Guest

    Damn Joyce,

    I got so excited thinking someone out there must love us... only to find you have chosen your daughter over us......booooooo hoooooooo..

    We plan to have an awesome cruise and hopefully disembark with only a couple of extra kilo's........of shopping !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-}

  4. Terri,
    My hubby and I always enjoy meeting folks from outside the US- good to expand our horizons!
    But you know, kids = responsibility. Guess we'll have to try some other time!
    Enjoy your cruise! I haven't been on the Oosterdam, but she looks beautiful from the pics I've seen!
  5. TerriB

    TerriB Guest

    Thank Joyce,

    I'm like you, love meeting people from other countries - culture. It would be much easier just to all hang together but we have already met each other and each other quirks.

    I'm more than sure someone will post a note and say. "we're here"..

    Maybe it may have been the fact that i said "fun loving, positive" they may feel we will too noisy or too active....or too something......smile.

    Well Joyce you have an amazing life !

  6. karenanne

    karenanne Guest

    Hi Terri, We just met on another thread, when you gave us great ideas on Sydney. Well, we live in San Diego and would like to reciprocate. Will you and your friends be staying in San Diego for any time before or after your cruise?
  7. TerriB

    TerriB Guest

    Hello Karen,

    and yes, we have met on another thread. We do fly into San Diego on the 25th of Nov from Las Vegas. we are booked in to the holiday Inn on the Bay for the night. We have hired a car from the airport. It would be great to meet up with you guys at some stage. What I can do is get loads of stuff for you on Sydney. I'll even bring soon Aussie dollars over for us to exchange if you like, that way you have cash for when you arrive without the fees.

    We were wondering about what to do in San Diego when we arrive and thought about going out to the wildlife park for the afternoon. what is your thoughts?

    We also have a good 12 hrs when we get back from our cruise before we fly out. We will be hiring a car and driving ourselves to LAX that evening.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

  8. Hi Terri,
    OK, I'm not cruising with you, but I have been to San Diego and the Wild Animal Park is really amazing! But it is an all-day thing- It is not actually "in" San Diego, so the travel to it will require some time and it is LARGE so seeing the sights, well, we've been several times and always make it an all-day thing. The San Diego Zoo is in San Diego proper and is also quite amazing. I'm assuming they still have the Giant Pandas- always neat to see. There are loads of other things to do and see in San Diego, but I'll let the experts take that.
    Also have been to Las Vegas numerous times. If you haven't been before and need some tips, I'd be happy to help!
  9. karenanne

    karenanne Guest

    Hi Terri,

    I agree with Joyce that a trip to the Wild Animal Park might take too long for the time that you have. It is 25 miles north of San Diego and sometimes the freeways are a mess.

    I would suggest a tour on the Old Town Trolley, to get an narrated overview of the city. You will go by Seaport Village, on the bay, with shops and restaurants, Coronado Island with the famous Del Coronado Hotel, built in 1888. You will also go through the Gaslamp District, then Old Town, which depicts San Diego's Mexican heritage. Lots of great Mexican restaurants and shops.

    There is also a stop at Balboa Park where you will find museums and the really cool San Diego Zoo. (my personal favorite) Our 3rd baby panda was just born there this past week and may be on display by the time you get here.

    You can hop off at any stop for as long as you want and then hop on again to return to your starting point.
    Your hotel is also close to Seaworld where you can see Shamu and the seals. You may get to see rescued seals and manatees there.

    No matter your decision, you are bound to have a good time here.

    I think your cruise going to the Mexican Riviera. Is that right? Have you been before? We just did it last year and had a great time.

    I love your idea about getting together to exchange money.. and it would be fun to meet you and your friends.
  10. TerriB

    TerriB Guest

    Hi Karen & Joyce,

    Thanks ladies for your wealth of information!

    Joyce can you please forward me as much info on Vegas in regarding to the best places to go clothes and shoe shopping (without the heavy price tags).

    I am looking for business suits, evening dresses and really great day wear casual and smart.

    My hubby has a bit of that chick hormone too so somewhere for him to buy shoes and smart day wear would be great.

    I like the sound of the trolley tour and being able to jump on and off. I have already paid for a car hire which will be great to get around at night.

    I have just spoken to pete about maybe staying an extra night in San Diego when we get back so that we can take in the Animal Park. It has been 7 years since we were there (S.D) and only a drive through at that.

    Karen, it would be great to meet up and do the cash exchange and maybe a coffe or bite to eat. Anything to beat the banks!

    I would love also if you can give me any tips on the cruise to Mexico.

    I look forward to hearing from you gals soon....

  11. TerriB

    TerriB Guest

    Hi Karen,

    Just a thought, what area would be the best to stay around if we were to use it as a base? Being in Gaslamp would be great but most likely hectic it get in and out of.

    I was just looking on Hotwire for accommodation rates and then trying to work out areas. The outer area is by far cheaper than inner.

    Look forward to your feedback.

  12. karenanne

    karenanne Guest

    Hi Terri,

    We get to Vegas every so often...it's about a 4 1/2 hr drive from home. I try never to miss shopping at the Belz Factory Outlet stores at the southernmost end of the Las Vegas Strip. In fact I've been known, on occasion, to carry an extra suitcase just for that purpose. There are name-brand outlet stores there and the prices are really good.

    Of course for fun looking, and maybe not buying, there are many shops in the huge hotels..check out Caesar's Palace Forum Shops.

    I wish you hadn't brought up that subject. Now I have a great need to go shopping.

    See you after the mall.
  13. karenanne Wrote:
    > Hi Terri,
    > We get to Vegas every so often...it's about a 4
    > 1/2 hr drive from home. I try never to miss
    > shopping at the Belz Factory Outlet stores at the
    > southernmost end of the Las Vegas Strip. In fact
    > I've been known, on occasion, to carry an extra
    > suitcase just for that purpose. There are
    > name-brand outlet stores there and the prices are
    > really good.
    > Of course for fun looking, and maybe not buying,
    > there are many shops in the huge hotels..check out
    > Caesar's Palace Forum Shops.
    > I wish you hadn't brought up that subject. Now I
    > have a great need to go shopping.
    > See you after the mall.
    > Karen & Jay

    My thoughst exactly!! Do check out the Outlet Mall. I never miss it when going to Las Vegas and it gets you away from those stuffy casinos for a bit.
    The shopping in the hotels (Caesar's, Venetian) is interesting if you enjoy gawking at very high-end things with high-end price tags, but not for the average consumer. They seem to be quite accustomed to us "regular" folks wandering around, though, so it's probably one of the friendliest places to do your gawking if that appeals to you.
  14. karenanne

    karenanne Guest

    G'Day Terri,
    Just found this website and thought it might help give you ideas for your stay in San Diego.
    www.localwally.com has info on hotels and attractions. I guess I would choose to stay on Mission Bay for the proximity to the beaches.
    What ports will you be visiting in Mexico?
  15. TerriB

    TerriB Guest

    Hi Karen,

    Here is our Itinerary

    Sat Nov 26 San Diego, CA 5:00pm
    Sun Nov 27 At Sea
    Mon Nov 28 Cabo San Lucas, Mexico 7:00am 6:00pm
    Tue Nov 29 Mazatlan, Mexico 8:00am 6:00pm
    Wed Nov 30 Puerto Vallarta, Mexico 8:00am 10:00pm
    Thu Dec 1 At Sea
    Fri Dec 2 At Sea
    Sat Dec 3 San Diego, CA 7:00am

    Thanks for the info from wally, really great stuff!

    Have a great day.

  16. karenanne

    karenanne Guest

    Happy Monday Terri,

    We had the same itinerary in Oct 2002...boy, I can't believe that it was 3 years ago.

    Anyway we had a really good time with a few little glitches. We arrived in Cabo on the same day that Pres. Bush was meeting with Pres. Fox, so we couldn't have lunch in the hotel that was on the agenda. No problem though, just lots of traffic and armed federales.

    Mazatlan was our favorite stop. We had been there before and had done the Senor Frog thing...if you haven't been there it's great. Especially if you like teguila, lots of laughing, tequila, loud signing, tequila, dancing on tables and tequila. But this time we went into the Sierra Madre mtns to a very small mining town called Copala. Very quaint and picturesque.

    We never got past the harbor in Puerto Vallarta, though, cause a hurricane was bearing down on that city. Our ship did a 180 in the harbor and really booked out of there. We had some high winds and rough waters for a while but we did outrun the storm. Actually it was kind of fun. Something always happens when we cruise, like the Israeli war, 911 and hurricanes. People have said that they don't want to cruise with us...but nothing has happened since then.

    Happy planning.
  17. TerriB

    TerriB Guest

    Hi karen,

    and guess what it's now 11.25am on Tuesday, I think 12 hours ahead of you guys.

    You guys seem to have a bit of fun on your hols. The last time I had teguila I was so sick and haven't been there since...20 yrs ago mind you.... my name Billy not Silly.

    What would you recommend at those ports?

    Anyway karen, what vintage are you and Jay? you sound like you have a bit of spring in your step!

    Have a great snooze...

  18. Hi Terri and Karen,
    We did this itinerary in reverse last year on the Diamond Princess- PV first, Cabo last.
    Mazatlan was my favorite port as well- very well kept and beautiful! We took a walking tour in Mazatlan with a very informative and friendly guide. It's great to see the city on foot.
    In Puerta Vallarta, we did a bus tour that took us to a little village and also on a tequila tasting at the factory. So much tequila! And I like tequila, myself- just not straight. We had the good sense to not drink all that they gave us. Puerta Vallarta is obviously still recovering from that hurricane that Karen talked about. Many parts are quite run down, but it is beautiful all the same and such nice people.
    Cabo is very Americanized. Clean and attractive, but more of a beach resort than a Mexican city, IMO. We were on our own that day and we just walked around town, grabbed a bite to eat and walked the beach for awhile before heading back to the ship.
  19. TerriB

    TerriB Guest

    Many thanks Joyce,

    I am really looking forward to our cruise with only a little over 3 months to go.. 106 sleeps I believe !

    Did you do any shopping in any of these ports, and if so where was the best places to go?

    Have a great night and wasn't the space shuttle landing amazing!


  20. Our shopping in Mexico was at the markets, so I'm not sure if that's what you were looking for. They do have some nice shopping areas and a beautiful mall in Cabo with some designer stores. Didn't check the prices, though.
    Market shopping is fun- be prepared to haggle the price. We bought a few souveniers and glassware, vanilla, etc.
    I'm sorry to say I missed the shuttle landing, but I am so grateful they made it back safely! What a drama!

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