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Sailing on the Oosterdam 26/11/05

Discussion in 'Holland America Line' started by TerriB, Aug 2, 2005.

  1. TerriB

    TerriB Guest

    Hi joyce,

    Thanks for the info on the markets. I know from past experiences that the mexicans are great on the homewares and the little nic knacks for the home.

    I have a feeling I maybe all shopped out by the time we start our cruise, but you never know.... there may be a shopping hormone still floating around my body, ready to break free at the sniff of a great bargin!

    Any other hints and tips, please send it my way!

    Have a great weekend.

  2. karenanne

    karenanne Guest

    Hi Terri,
    Just checking in. How are your plans coming along? Have you decided on shore excursions yet? Right now I've been envying your winter weather down under. It's been high 90's to low 100's all weekend here in San Diego. Yesterday we drove out to the lovely little town of Julian...home of apple orchards and wonderful apple pies. Just meandered along the streets and shops..mosy built around 1890's. There was a nice breeze there.

    Joyce...how are you faring in Arizona? Must be much hotter out your way.

    Well, Terri, keep warm and Joyce, you keep cool.

    Happy cruise planning.
  3. Karen,
    I am in northern Arizona at an elevation of 7,000 feet, so heat is usually not a problem here. In fact, we had a rather cool summer due to lots of rain! In Phoenix, it is still reaching into the 110s (not sure what this equates to in C for Terri, but it's HOT) but we're high of 82 today and that is warm compared to much of the last month. I'm surprised to hear San Diego is so warm- you must be inland a bit?
    I've been to Julian a couple of times! Nice town!
    Yes, Terri, we want to hear about your plans! I know I am jealous as any cruise for me is almost a year away (if that works out and nothing else pops up). I keep getting emails from HAL with special deals but we can't travel at these times because of our daughter being in school. :(
  4. TerriB

    TerriB Guest

    Hello Ladies,

    I replied to this a couple of weeks ago and thought I had posted it........... I hate that! I remember getting interrupted as I was about to post it and now come to think of it, Peter must have logged off..

    I would just like to say that we would like to extend our heartfelt sorrow,love and prayers for the ppl in New Orleans, their devastatedfamilies and surrounding areas. I cannot believe what I am still witnessing on the news today, and how many ppl have had their lives taken and devastated.

    I have been of a couple of short holidays in between your messages. We were in Melbourne for 6 days, a bit of shopping (just saving myself for the sales in Vegas and S.D.), we went to see the Lion King, WOW what an amazing show, I just loved it!

    We have just got back from 5 days down on our south coast. We rented an exclusive property with a group of friends and went to the wineries, eating, tasting and just chilling out. It was great fun, even in our winter. We stayed in an area called Eagle Bay with is near Margaret River.

    Karen, are you still experiencing hot weather? We still have plenty of rain (which we need) and cool weather, so I am hanging out for those warm spring days.

    Can you also tell me what kind of temps should we expect in San Diego in late Nov early Dec? also in Vegas in late Nov?

    Now as for the shopping in Vegas, what are the thanksgiving sales like? should we buy before or note what we like and then pick them up after? or should I wait for San Diego?

    As for our tours on the cruise, I haven't booked any yet so I am still open for suggestions.

    Karen, what ports do you visit on your cruise, and Joyce we will have to work out a way that you can come out to play!

    Anyway ladies, I look forward to hearing from you and do take care!

  5. Hi Terri,
    Thank you for your kind words and thoughts towards our fellow countrymen (and women). The devastation has been truly horrifying. I don't know anyone personally who lived in that area, although a lady who used to work with me (and I still keep in touch with) is from there (now living up north) and her family was displaced without power or tap water. I've donated some money but just wish there was more I could do. My heart goes out to these people.

    Regarding shopping- I can speak to the Las Vegas shopping. I've been there at Thanksgiving and what I would suggest is making sure you grab the daily newspaper - Las Vegas Review Journal - on Thanksgiving day. The stores always include inserts in that day's paper and will have serious sales that often start as early as 5 or 6 a.m. on Friday. To get the best deals, you have to get started very early as the sales (and stock) only last a few hours. Getting the paper the day before allows you to preview what is available and make a plan.
    Will you be renting a car to get around? This will be almost necessary to make any of these sales on time. The items most likely to go on deep discount are things that people would like to give as Christmas gifts, so a lot of times it will be electronics and clothing that makes good gifts, like sweaters, etc. You're not likely to find big sales at the upscale shops in the casinos, though.

    I'm glad to hear you got away for awhile for a few trips. They sound lovely and I sure would enjoy a visit to your country someday!! Now if we can just get my hubby to get on an airplane, we're there!
  6. karenanne

    karenanne Guest

    Hi Ladies,

    Hope all is well with you both.

    Terri... Thank-you for your kind thoughts for the victims of Katrina. It certainly pointed out that we don't do enough to protect our poorer neighbors. I hope we all learn from this disaster.

    Your trip is getting nearer and nearer. About 2 months, isn't it? Jay and I did the same itinery and had a ball. We are really looking forward to meeting you and your friends. Our traveling companions, Ed and Penny, will also be in town. They live up in Portland, OR. We are all in our early to mid-60's, but really hate to admit it. I told them about you and your friends coming this way and they would love to get together. Maybe we could all get together for dinner before you sail.

    Joyce...How are things in Arizona? We have been considering AZ as a possible retirement location. CA is just too darned expensive. I would love to learn more about your community at 7000 ft. Phoenix just seems too hot, although Jay's cousin moved there a couple yrs ago from Texas, and she loves it there.
    Have you started looking for your next cruise? With a youngster in school, I'm sure you need to plan around school breaks. That must make you travel during peak seasons, huh? Our son is grown and gone, so we have been trying to take advantage of off-seasons to get better rates. Although, that isn't true with our next trip. But since we get to travel with our close friends, it's worth it.

    Happy sailing and clear skies to you both.
  7. Hi Karen,
    We love Flagstaff! But I'm sure it's not for everyone. Some people find the altitude to be difficult to acclimate to and can't handle it. The summers are absolutely gorgeous with highs around 85 most days. This summer, we had a lot of rain, almost daily for about 3 weeks in August, but we needed it, so nobody complained. Winters are supposed to be full of snow, but in the four years we've lived here, the only snowy winter was this past one with over 100 inches. Skiing was great for those who enjoy that.
    Since Flagstaff is a college community, there is a good mix of people here and we like that. It is a diverse community with lots to offer for both science and art buffs. At the end of this month, there will be the annual Flagstaff Festival of Science which is a week-long program of talks and activities and we always find something interesting to attend. There is also a large artist community here and good local theater options.
    Other areas you can check out are Sedona with the red rocks and warmer weather and Prescott which is a growing community, at about 5,000 feet- it is a burgeoning retirement community and only about an hour's drive from Phoenix.
    Hope I didn't bore anybody with my travelogue. Karen, if you'd like to chat more about Arizona, feel free to send me a PM or post your email address and I'll contact you.
  8. TerriB

    TerriB Guest

    Hi Joyce and Karen,

    And it is great to hear from you both!

    I love hearing about your country and home cities. With the total population of Australia only 20 million you can see why when we travel anywhere it's like "WOW". Mind you, thats what we all so love about Oz, plenty of space and one can always find a deserted white sandy beach that you can claim for the day.

    Joyce, if you ever do get hubby on a plane, please feel free to look me up and we can all have some play time here in Perth. Although saying that most people never get to Perth on a trip to Oz as we are so far from Sydney. Perth is the most isolated city in the world with a total population of 1.2 million. It has miles and miles of beauty white sandy beaches and a climate like California. People liken Perth to San Diego. I have a feeling they call it a sister city.

    Karen, we would love to meet with you and your friends on Friday the 25th for dinner, you name the place and we'll be there. Peter and Jo are in their late 50's, full of life and Pete and I are in our early 40's but have the spirit of 20 yr old (with brains of course).

    Do any of you ladies use Skype? I use it all the time, it's free and the voice quality is amazing. You need ADSL or IDSN. Have a look at www.skype.com. You can then search for Terri in Perth (thats me).

    I was just looking at my road map of the U.S. to see where Arizona is. Joyce no wonder you get to Vegas often. We will be in Colorado in 2007 for a skiing trip which we are really excited about. Where is Palm Springs?

    Karen, I have a business trip to Sydney on the 8th of Nov (only for the day) so I will see if I can pick up some info for you on the things to do in Sydney.

    Anyway girls, you have a great day!

  9. Terri,
    Your city sounds wonderful! We love to travel, too, although the US is so large that we have been spending a lot of time just exploring our own home turf. We did go to Vancouver, BC, Canada this summer and had a blast there. So beautiful and the people are so friendly! We're also hoping to go to Europe next summer. I think I can get hubby on a plane for a one-way non-stop to London from Phoenix and we'd take the QM2 transatlantic sailing back to New York. He's still thinking about it.

    Las Vegas takes us just under 4 hours to drive to, so it is an easy weekend excursion for us. Lots to do there! And we don't even gamble most visits. Colorado is really beautfiul, too, Terri. I'm sure you will have a wonderful time!

    Keep us posted on your trip plans and I'll be very interested in hearing about your cruise. Although we've done the Mexican Riviera, we have not yet sailed on the Oosterdam, so I'll be anxious to hear your impressions. It's coming soon!
  10. karenanne

    karenanne Guest

    Hi Ladies,

    Joyce...just saw your post about your upcoming cruise. Congratulations and Happy, Happy Sailing.
    And Terri is right, Flagstaff sounds great. One question.....how did you get your hubby to agree to get on an airplane? Of course, the flight is probably a lot shorter than the one to Australia. What are your plans for celebrating the holidays with your daughter? I bet the ship will plan some really fun things for the children. How old is your daughter?

    Terri...how are your plans coming along? Not too much longer now till your trip. Jay and I will definitely plan to get together with you when you are in San Diego. We were trying to think of a place that you and your friends would really enjoy. Do you like casual or dressy?, Italian, Chinese, Seafood? We have some ideas but let us know what you guys like. BTW, Palm Springs is about a 2 hr drive northeast from San Diego. We love it there, and go there every few weeks. It's a beautiful desert town where many celebrities used to go. Bob Hope had a huge home on one of the hills overlooking Palm Springs. Lots of boutiques and restaurants. Lots of friendly people. Just outside PS, in Palm Desert, is a great weekend flea market. It takes up the entire parking area of the local college and you can buy great clothing and jewelry, among many other things, there. My friend, Penny, (you'll meet her in Nov) and I shop there every chance we get.
  11. Hi Karen,
    No airplane for hubby (at least this time). DD and I need to fly because of her school schedule (she'll turn 15 at the beginning of December), but hubby will take good ol' Amtrak. We'll take the train on the return trip to be together.
    We went on a holiday cruise two years ago when we sailed RT out of San Diego to Hawaii. The cruiseline does a nice job with Christmas/holiday celebrations. It's not like being at home, but there are pros and cons. She always finds something fun to do and other teens to hang out with. She is thrilled to be going on another cruise (and so am I!).
  12. TerriB

    TerriB Guest

    Hi Ladies,

    And I am always excited to get your postings. I love meeing people and making new friends and this just feels the same. Thankyou! It has been a real hetic time for me these past weeks, so sorry for the delay in getting back to you Joyce. Do you still love me? 8-}


    Guess what?????

    Only 42 sleeps to go, and I am so excited! I know, still a child at heart.

    Somewhere smart casual (that in between fine dining) as it can be more relaxing and no so obvious if we are all laughing out loud. I haven't been to a great Italian restaurant for ages and from what I have read, you guys have some of the best in San Diego.

    I was watching the news the other night and saw the fires in C.A. How is it all going? WE have similar problems here every summer. It's horrible to watch. It would be great to get your email addy so that I can send some pictures over before we arrive. Just in case we look like the Griswald (spell).. and you decide to do a runner when you see us. A little bit like a blind date really but exciting.

    You really seem to be a really nice lady and it will be great to meet Jay, Penny and her hubby too!

    I am jealous about your up coming holiday. I must admit, my passion is travel, meeting new people and exploring new cultures. Peter and I met an American in Namibia 3 yrs ago who had travelled to more than 128 different countries. That's like "wow" he is about 100 ahead of me. So it has given me a bit of a goal to work towards. What a goal mind you!

    I will let you know all about the Oosterdam and get some pics to you when we come back.

    Well take care girls and all the best.

  13. Hi Terri,
    Of course we still love you! :)

    Thanks for the congrats. This was out of the blue, so all the more exciting. We're thinking of a possible first trip to Europe next summer (with hubby maybe getting on a plane and us all taking the Queen Mary transatlantic back to New York). That is still pretty vague, so I'm happy to have a booked cruise!
    Yes, I agree with you about the goals of travel. It seems like a lot of money to plunk down when the time comes, but I've never regretted one cent we have spent on past travels.

    Terri, we don't currently have plans to be in Las Vegas when you will be visiting, but if you find yourself making a side trip to the Grand Canyon, let me know as I'd love to meet you, too! That is just a short 1.5 hour drive for us.

  14. TerriB

    TerriB Guest

    Hi Joyce,

    It's great to hear from you and yes I agree, we have spent many dollars on holidays but the memories will live on forever.

    I recon once you have your husband landed in Europe and he gets a taste of the culture, food, wine and
    scenary he will be hooked on travelling to other countries.

    We are on a tour that goes down the Colorado River and thats about it. When you say the Canyon where would be the point of connection. I would love to meet up wth you too... How kewl!

    We have just had friends leave after a couple of bottles of red wine and talking about Africa. They migrated here from Zimbabwe 3 years ago. We got the books out and the pics and started dreaming up an adventure to Africa. Pete and I have been there 9 times and just love the country, the animal and the land. Once it gets in your blood, you're hooked forever.

    Let me know where we could meet if I could work it out.

    Have a great day.


    P.S. are you on skype?
  15. Hi Terri,
    I don't use skype- I'll send you a PM with my email address. I'll also send it to Karen so she's not out of the loop.
  16. dwpestates

    dwpestates Guest

    I just had to smile when I read one of your more recent emails refering to only "42 sleeps left". My wife and I are going to be on the same cruise in November......and my wife is from New Zealand and she uses that term to mark the days left to an event. Also placing the day in front of the month gave you away too =)

    I have vacationed in a few citys in "OZ". And if we bump into each other ( you will pick us out by my wife accent) I promise no Aussi-Kiwi jokes....lol.

    This should be a good cruise and the weather should be PERFECT at this time of year down there.

    Hope you have a delightful time.

  17. TerriB

    TerriB Guest

    Hello Darryl,

    it's great to hear from you! as for the aussie-kiwi jokes, i'm sure there will be a pearler that we can share some stage during our journey, we just wouldn't be able to help ourselves!


    It will be great to meet up with you both as we love meeting new people and it makes the trip more fun and interesting. Maybe we could meet outside the sports bar at 4pm before we set sail?

    I have just booked a trip to London in June 2006 and in a email I said to my friend "HEY, I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT COMING OVER IN JUNE, CAN’T WAIT.. HOW MANY SLEEPS"? he repied "too many to count" ohhhhhhh damn!

    I was also wondering about the weather that time of year and what clothing should I bring. Do you know what temps we should expect?

    Maybe we could meet outside the sports bar at 4pm before we set sail?

    Look forward to see you both.

  18. karenanne

    karenanne Guest

    Hello All,

    It's been entirely too long since we've heard from you folks. I apologize for not posting a great deal sooner but I've been so busy working Monday thru Friday at the hospital and then weekends in real estate...You'd think at my age I could drop back to part-time instead of 6-7 days a week. Oh well. it's what allows us to take some fabulous trips. Ed and Penny are down from Portland, staying in their vacation home in Hemet, CA, so we try to spend the day with them at least once a week. And then Jay had his birthday the last week in October, and a week later our son had his. Anyway, that's my excuse for not posting sooner. Been thinking about you guys, though.
    Hope everything is good for you all.
    Terri...how many sleeps till your trip? BTW what is your itinerary? I know you will be spending some time in Las Vegas, but when do you actually arrive in San Diego? I am anxious to meet you and also to hear about your trip to Great Britain...that's our favorite European destination. I am so jealous!
    Joyce...how are your plans coming along for your holiday cruise? Let us know what ports you'll be stopping in.
    Bye for now.
  19. Hi Karen,
    Good to hear from you again! Sounds like you are busy with FUN stuff!

    Our cruise stops at Half Moon Cay (our favorite port!), Antigua, St. Thomas, St. Martin and San Juan, Puerto Rico. I'm especially looking forward to seeing PR for the first time, even though that will be a short day. I was just reviewing the schedule this morning, trying to guess which dinners will be formal and informal.
    I am a seamstress (hobby) and enjoy sewing my own formalwear for myself and my DD. Have started working on that now that Halloween has passed (had to sew the obligatory costume for my daughter), so that helps me keep busy while waiting for the days to pass.

    Enjoy your visits and happy Thanksgiving to you!
  20. karenanne

    karenanne Guest

    Hi Joyce,
    Your itinerary sounds wonderful. You know, I grew up in New York and all my friends loved going to Puerto Rico but I never got down there. Except for a short Bahama cruise we have never even done the Caribbean. You'll definitely have to tell us all about each port. BTW if you can sew formals you must be a great seamstress. Good for you! Have fun planning...and a very Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

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