Sailing on the Oosterdam 26/11/05



Hello Ladies,

It is great to hear from you all!

I am sorry for the lack of communication lately but I have spent a few days in Queensland, home for a couple and then off to Sydney. I arrived home late last night, oh bring on that holiday!

Karen, we are all very excited to meet up with you. We arrive in San Diego on the 25th at 12.35pm. We are staying on Harbor Dve and have hired a car for the day, so you let us know where would be the best place to meet up. I told my friend Peter to be on his best behaviour, so he did promise no false teeth on the dinner table.... 8-}

Joyce I got your email and will respond to that from my addy. You look like a whack of fun! I love the family pic too. You're DD looks like she also has that twinkle in her eye's.

We are all very excited about our holiday to Vegas, San Diego and Mexico. Like I said.... BRING IT ON!

Speak soon...



Hi Karen & Joyce,

We leave for the States tomorrow morning at 6am sooooooo early...

Karen, I'm not sure how we will meet up but I maybe going to the outlets near the border on the 25th of bargin shopping, would you like to catch up after that lets say about 7.45 -8pm? I am sure I will check my emails from time to time unless I am having such a great time that I forget what day it is.8-}..

And Joyce thankyou for all of your help. I will be in touch when I get back and let you look at some of my pictures.

All the best and expect great things.



Have a wonderful trip! Your cruise and pre-cruise activities sound so great!! I bet you're going to be so excited that 6 a.m. really won't be too difficult!