Same day cruise reservations


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Only someone that has been following the prices for a particular sailing will know if they get a deal. The price will be the price when you phone in the morning. If the ship is not full you will get a room. If it is full you won't... So the answer is "YOU might" get a deal. I don;t think manny folks do this anymore or at least not the majority of those onboard here.

Interesting what pops up from the past after a search by someone new :)


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So you CAN still do this? I laughed when I saw the first posting was from 2005, but I followed it to see who resurrected it. Interesting read!


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I was under the impression that data had to be submitted to H/S 72 hours prior to boarding, something change?


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Truth be told, the ships usually sell out, especially the shorter ones In all my years I can recall two times I have managed to book a cruise for a client the day before. It amazes me how many people call two or three days before a cruise and expect to find room. :shrug:


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That used to be the case before the world went down the sewer and we didn't need all these Security restrictions. It was not unusual for people who resided near major ports - especially in Florida and in California - to show up at the pier with suitcases in hand hoping to find an unsold cabin.
Mary Ann ... I didn't believe it either (although I was suckered in and I must say quite annoyed at the attitude) so I called Carnival directly. I spoke to a guy who told me, yes it is possible if you call in and book - or thru a TA I'm sure - and have all your Ducks ..... in a row. I said "what about Homeland Security and 911?" and he said that's why you can't just walk up to the pier and get on board. You have to get on the manifest and at Carnival at least, it's possible to do that same day.

If I was in Florida I would give it a try but being in Vancouver where all the Alaska cruise ships are sold out ... won't help in the experiment!


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Interesting, Laurey. I certainly don't doubt what you say. When I have nothing better to do, I'll call a few other cruise lines to see their response.

If you live close enough to Vancouver and several ships are in port, can't hurt you to try for a same-day sailing if you can get away and the price is right. You never know when there are last-minute cancellations. Look at what happened to me with our Bermuda cruise.


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My wife and I have always talked about how great it would be if we lived in Ft. Lauderdale and be able to call the cruise lines a day or two BEFORE a cruise and see what's, etc. Then get booked, pack your bags and jump on the ship the next day. I have talked to other passangers on Ft. Lauderdale sailings who live in the local area and do this. Cool!
exactly what the wife and I had in mind when we re-started this thread. Things are slow in "30 minute away" Tampa now with hurricane season on the horizon, many lines slip away for the summer and now only Carnival remains- although RC and Norweigien will be here later this year. Port Canaveral is also an option, although a few hours more of a drive and parking make it a bit more difficult. Same for the rest of the state-Tama is by far the easiest. Still drives me crazy when I log on to any of numerous "last minute cruise websites', and the first thing that pops up in 4 months out:hammer::clap::biggrin:
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