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We are cruising out of SF on 11/24 and will be there at noon the day before. Any suggestions on what area to stay in and what hotel? We have never been there before so I am clueless.

Thanks for any advice/suggestions!



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Keep it simple, stay on the wharf. There are several hotels close by, Radisson, Hyatt, Sheraton, two Holidays an Inn and an Express, most are on Beach St. In the past several people have stayed at the Tuscan Inn on North Point and Mason and have been able to get some good rates, it is a nice hotel and on North Point between Mason and Powell is a very obscure hidden by a parking garage Safeway market perfect for all your shopping needs.............


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Agreed...Fishermans Wharf...
Close to the cruise pier, fairly safe area...nice area to walk around...
Convenient as terminal of Cable Car line and it's where the Alcatraz tours and Bay Boat tours originate...
Lots of restaurants (though I prefer walking just a little bit over to North Beach for the Italian restaurants rather than the tourist seafood joints at the Wharf)


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I have stayed, several times each, in the Union Square area as well as Fisherman's Wharf. I prefer Union Square as it is less touristy (although it is still a tourist magnet, less so than the Wharf). I don't think you'll have that issue in November, though -- at least I haven't. Happy planning!


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You will probably not do this but I love the Fairmont....a family connection means I usually get a very good rate. I love the walk down.....through Chinatown, on to Union Square then on to the Embarcadero. Take the cable car back up to this San Francisco classic.