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San Juan Condado Plaza?

Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by ramsfan, Aug 30, 2002.

  1. ramsfan

    ramsfan Guest

    I've got a good rate on this hotel for a pre-cruise stay. Is it a good hotel with nice amenities?
    Thanks for your response(s)
  2. Frank

    Frank Guest

    I stayed at this hotel a few years ago. I usually stay in the Isle Verde area (which is nicer) but tried this once. The hotel is pretty nice. It is on both sides of the street with a bridge over the street. Forget the beach. Too many locals and vendors. The pool area is nice. But here is a tip. The first night they had us in a room over looking the main road. The hotel is very close to the road and we heard cars, trucks, horns, etc. all night long. The next day we switched to a nice room on the back side overlooking the lagoon. The location is fairly close to old town as well. It's s pretty good hotel, just watch out for noisy rooms.
  3. ramsfan

    ramsfan Guest

    Thanks for the replys.....
    come on Nov 17.....I need a cruise soooooo bad!!!

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