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San Juan Hotel Price

Discussion in 'Caribbean Ports' started by DebraK, Jun 26, 2004.

  1. DebraK

    DebraK Guest

    I know this is a tight hotel market, but do you think a 2.5 star hotel for March 2005 @ $132 is a good price? I got it off of Hotwire and I'm just not used to seeing a 2.5 for that amount. I am checking the hotels on this site - the El Canario Inn sounds charming.
  2. thomaseu

    thomaseu Guest

    There are three El Canario Inns. Do you know which one it will be?

    I prefer the one on Ashord in the Condado [all three are in Condado] area. One other is at the beach and the third faces the lagoon off a side street.
  3. VaPir8s

    VaPir8s Guest

    When are you looking for? We just got back yesterday from San Juan and we had the Intercontinental for 150.00. It was beautiful grounds/pool/hot tub/ beach. Clean rooms. I got the rate right off their internet site. Our friends walked in and got a room for 175.00. We also stayed post cruise at Courtyard Marriott. Room was OK, slightly musty smelling as some hotels in Carribbean are. We personally prefered the Intercontinental..... There was also a grocery store, burger king, chicken place , etc right across the street to get cheap eats v/s eating $25.00 lunch in the hotel.
  4. wile1170

    wile1170 Guest

    Check out the Wyndham in Old San Juan....web rates from their site start at $ 125/nite to $ 200 per nite. You can't beat the location, especially for a pre or post cruise stay. I booked there for a pre-cruise nite in December and have a "concierge level" room for $ 165/nite.....with a view of the port.
  5. mom2MCI

    mom2MCI Guest

    We got the Caribe Hilton for $65 a nite on Priceline.
  6. DebraK

    DebraK Guest

    The sailing is the last weekend of March 2005 - Spring Break time. I've done Priceline for 3* up to $95, without any takers. Next opportunity I'll bid $100 for a 3*. I can't find anything on the various sites in the 3* range for under $125.
  7. Cruise cutie

    Cruise cutie Guest

    Hey Debra.:wave..a ton of people said the Caribe Hilton.. is always a "$100.00 a night"in high season Jan - April .....well I want to see their slips to prove it cause unless you get it last minute..but pay up the Kazoo for airfare!! it is not happening!! .we could not get the Caribe Hilton the first 2 weeks of February for less than $180.00/ per night...=grrr....so I'm like you lining it up and having it booked and paid for was paramount for our Golden Princess sailing in February..sigh.and we got cheap airfare booked and paid for NOW.....seems it just is so darn supply and demand expensive..we did get the Wyndham Condado for $119.00 dollars a night 2 days pre and one day post cruise on Hotwire.com..and grabbed it!!..stayed there in 1996 when it was the El Condado Plaza and it was swank!!..:)..so I've seen good reviews since and said what the hay and took it. we stayed pre cruise and post cruise at the Wyndham Old San Juan in 2001 (again February)..and it was $275.00 per night..,but had free air miles so it was a wash..checked it for 2005... but they wanted a fortune and even though it is one of the nicest places I've ever been in I refuse to pay $250.00 per night..:(.. .Good luck!!..:)..Joanne

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  8. bikevegas

    bikevegas Guest

    I bid $100 on Priceline for a Saturday night stay in Oct and got the Wyndham Condado. I would definitely give Priceline a try! Good Luck!:USA:AL
  9. I still haven't decided whether to bite the bullet and try Priceline or Hotwire.com. My parents are going with us and they're a bit iffy about taking a chance on a place in San Juan. But, it seems that everyone who posts about Priceline and Hotwire.com does just great. Soooooo I'm trying to warm them up to the idea. I have a Q..........for the $100 bid at Wyndham Condado, did you just select "Resorts" as the area? I'm thinking if we bid under the resort category our chances are better for getting a good place. Whereas, I'm afraid that some of Priceline's 3 * places may not be where I'd wanna stay. What do y'all think?? Safer to bid for a resort??? Thanks!
  10. billco

    billco Guest

    Yesterday, I sucessfully bid $100 on Priceline for October 10/13 and got the Wyndham Condado. I am not sure it was a good idea for the following reasons:

    1. There are a lot of negative reviews on Tripadvisor, especially about the beach, helpfulness of staff, cleanliness of rooms.

    2. I saw several recommendations to sign up with Wyndham ByRequest, which I did. However, there are no benefits for those who use online registration like Hotwire or Priceline.

    3. I could have registered on the Wyndham website and got a webrate of $117 for city view or $153 for ocean view, but one of the benefits of Wyndham ByRequest is best available room.

    So, it's a crap shoot. We will see how it goes. i am pretty good at having a good time regardless of the surroundings.
  11. I'd say $100 for the Wyndham Condado is a good deal. I know what you mean about the ByRequest perk......it is a crap shoot. You could have used that and paid $17 more, but then gotten an upgrade. OH, I have a Q for U.........does the $100 on Priceline include all taxes?????? If so, then you did get a good deal. I currently am holding a reservation at the Wyndham Old San Juan in December for $165 and the taxes add up to an extra $33 a day!!! Unreal! It's enough to make me reconsider trying Priceline.
  12. billco

    billco Guest

    The $100 does not include taxes. Priceline charged $49.30 in taxes and service fees. In addition, the voucher has the following caveat:

    This hotel charges an 11% resort fee per day which will be billed directly to your room and payable to the front desk upon check-out. The fee covers additional services and amenities such as daily entertainment in the lounge, daily pool activities, daily paper, and in room coffee.
  13. Hey Billco :)

    Thanks for replying! Now, is the 11% resort fee on top of the $49.30 in taxes and service fees? I've never used Priceline, so all of this is new to me. I'm sure you'll have a great time at the Condado! We don't go until December.........I can't wait!!!! Thanks again!
  14. billco

    billco Guest

    Hi Melissa,

    Yes, the 11% resort fee is on top of the $49.30 in taxes and service fees. Since I never used Priceline before, I look on this as a learning experience. I'll do more research next tme.


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