San Juan - what to do with my luggage at disembarkation



After we disembark in San Juan, we have a rather long time until our flight (3:30PM). Is there anywhere we can leave our luggage while we walk around Old San Juan ? We are disembarking at the Pan American pier.

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Since Sept longer can leave luggage at hotels or just checked in at airport and take suggestion is rent a car for the day ,or get a day pass at a resort in San Juan..not sure for the site for the day passes ..we always stay one night post cruise as the airport is a ZOO and we can decompress for that extra's been the best for the 2x we've done it .Good luck,someone will have more info>..:)..Joanne


Jeanne and Lisa,
There is a luggage holding place right at pier 4, the pier the CCL Destiny uses, where we left our luggage for $3 per bag, and they let you strap your carryon to your luggage and count it as one bag. It's called "Self Audio something", because they also rent the audio players that describe the sights as you walk around. It's in the row of shops with the green/red/yellow awnings, in front of the bus terminal. And they had a nice map of the town.


I think it's called AudioGuia. It's across from the Carnival pier & the Wyndham in OSJ. It's about $1 per bag. It's a great service & she'll hail a cab for you or arrange a tour.


A day pass at the marriott is great. costs about 100. and you get the use of the pools, waterslilde,and a spacious room. we had 9 in our party age 2-50, it was a great option.


Our flight out of San Juan in May does not leave until 5:30 and our ship will also be at the pier that is not close to Old Town, so we are booking an excursion through the cruise line for our last day. Apparently, the luggage stays on the bus with you and they drop you off at the airport at the end of the excursion



Just beware, the airport in San Juan is a total Zoo on disembarkation day. We thought that we would be sitting at the airport for hours (ours was a 2:30 flight), but after standing in line for hours to check bags and then get to the gate, we only had about 45 minutes at the gate. (And we got off the ship pretty quick and went straight to the airport.) There were several who were in line and either totally missed or came very close to missing their flights. All I am saying is just allow yourself plenty of extra time at the airport. Also, FYI, there were numerous flights that were totally overbooked and they were constantly on the intercoms at the gates asking for volunteers to stay overnight in San Juan and take a flight the next day, ALL EXPENSES PAID. Go prepared for that and you may get lucky and get a free night.


I just looked up shore excursions for San Juan and they have two excursions for people who have a late afternoon flight. The first one is "San Juan City & Bacardi Distillery" which takes you to the distillery, a ride through OSJ & the Condado District, and then drops you off for shopping or returns you to the ship. Aprox. 3 1/2 -4 hours.
The second one is "Airport Getaway & Museum" which takes you sightseeing through OSJ, then to what I think is an art museum, shopping, and then to a hotel where you can enjoy the facilities. Shuttle buses will leave from the hotel every hour to take you to the airport. Aprox. 6 hours.
These sound pretty good but as there are 7 people in my party (one a 1 year old, and 2 are in their 70's)I am wondering if the touring would be too much for them. Would rather just skip it and go use the hotel facilities all day. But if anyone could comment on these two excursions I'd appreciate it, especially if you have been on them in the past. Thanks!


I recommend just using the services at the hotel. The ones not capable of doing walks etc, can stay at the hotel and enjoy themselves while the ones who's a bit more adventuous can take a cab on your own to Old San Juan and walk it on your own, just up and down streets, shops etc.. and if you're going to do the fort, pay for just one. At the entrance, you can buy a pass for 2 fort and save a little bit on the second one, or just buy tickets for one. By the time you're done with the first one, from all the steps... most ppl won't bother with the second one, and takes time to walk the fort as well.. forgot the name now but we went to the bigger one. By the time you disembark, walk around in old san juan, rest a bit in the hotel, I doubt if you still have a lot of time to do anything else.
Not sure what time is your flight, but get to the airport early, give yourself AT LEAST 2 hours, and it is more than a zoo from what i experience. If you're on USAirways.. more power to you!! They're renovating and it's utter mess, total disaster.
Also, have you thought of walking old san juan on your embarkment? The cruise ships are just docked in old san juan, some within walking distance, some, not but that can save you some time to visit other places in san juan on your return. If you're docked on the Amercana's side, you can actually take a bus to town, only a quarter i think instead of spending 10 bucks on a cab. you get of the pier, cross the road and ask some one or look for bus stop. Buses should be heading right and quite frequent, we waited about 10 mins if that.
Alcohol at the san juan port is one of the cheapest.